How do they get so many hero at once?

I’m C2P, VIP and maybe 1 other deal per month. Through the first half of 2020, no 5* at all. Then in July… 3 x Noor. Did I want 3 Noors? No I did not. :rofl:

With a few exceptions, quadruplicate HOTMs are almost always a bad thing.

Being 100% serious I would love 3 noors. I think it would make for a very strong core for a red mono anti-tel team

It ain’t that hot. Trust me.

Auto healing the core of your team for 400+hp every time a special summons… I think it would be very hard to kill the team, giving you time to organise tiles to kill off the opponent

I have. I’ve received dups of Telluria, Magosi, Clarissa… All on bonus pulls.

You’d think, right? And, yes, it kind of solves Telly… but that’s 3 fairly passive Heroes. Time tends to be on the side of the other 4 very aggressive defenders your typically find on a GTV team. Vela’s nerf is really the only thing that made it viable at all.

Now, mind you, I only had enough Rings for 1/3. But even if I had them, I don’t think I would use them there. I gots me a Tyr and a Costumed Azlar waiting!

More broadly, what’re you going to do with 3 Raffaels? 3 Thoth-Amons? 3 Mikis? Doesn’t seem to be universally good to get multiple HOTMs, is my point.

I think I am the only person crazy enough to use that many rings on trialling it, if I did have that many. But I would do C Azlar first, he is beastly.

Agree in general about dupes. I think multiple Grazuls are doable for multiple war teams, given the GTV landscape that is still there for the most part. 3 Thoth Amuns is 3 too many. I would say as a very general statement duplicate heroes work within the same team if they are primarily damage dealers, or are viable in multiple war teams if they bring a unique and valued special to the table in a desired color

you still need 60 darts to max them all, so its nothing more than the expensive feeders which fill up your roster space, guess the person who pulled them was looking for another hero. Jabber?

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