How do they get so many hero at once?

If not by cheating way then those players are richman, or they pull them with tons of gems that they’ve saved, because their player level is very high seems playing the game for very long time. That kind of incredible lucky seems not possible for C2P or F2P or a player that play the game with short time period.

yes I much agree, we know nothing of those players and we shouldn’t judge. I didn’t spend money only used 80 coins and summoned 4* cat and I’m very happy he is fun to use, I like this game if I have more money I would buy diamonds for summon but I don’t think it is unfair because somebody have more money than me to spend on games.


Yep money speaks, the more it talks the more you get.

I once saw the results of someone dropping around $4000 USD (I think, they were from elsewhere but I believe it worked out to that amount) on a Guardians event portal… they got many multiples of all the event 5*… and lots of HotM… had a roster size over 400 and half filled with the 5* and 4* from Guardians lol.

Nothing to do with fair or not. They had lots of disposable income and nothing else they wanted to spend it on. :money_mouth_face:

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Assuming the are buying gems from the shop at $99.99 for 10,000 gems, $4,000 on pulls will net approximately 1530 pulls. With those number of pulls, you MIGHT just be lucky enough to nett 1 Finley :joy:

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1 Finley.
700 Dawa
800 Bane
29 Other Classic 3*


Is it worth it? :laughing:

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If i were Millionarie i wouldnt mind to spend thousands in something i like. Some would spend on cars(messi, Ronaldo) others in traveling, pubs, vip, drinking. I wouldnt mind to spend in a x500 every wonderland to get the hero i want if i had the money

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The SAD part of this is if you do 500 pulls in event, the chance of getting 1 Jabberwocky is only around 63%… let that sink in!


I don’t think it only takes money. My husband and I spend the same amount. He has way more nice 5 five stars than I do. He’s just luckier than I am.


Same. I mean, I enjoy gaming. I hate to watch sports of any kind so wouldn’t spend money to go watch football games, and god knows what else that all entails.

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The price of beer and nachos (or hotdogs) at any sporting event in this country far outweighs its value, unless you are with family and dont do it often.

In general, spending is relative.

Speaking for myself alone, I do spend some money on this game, on occasion.
I typically gauge it by by how much time it will take me to work it off, in real world hours.

Typically, 100gems cost $1 (the shop is more expensive than that), when you look at the deals.
So, if I spend on the $29.99 deals, that only costs me 1hr of work (mostly drinking coffee anyways).

IMO, the gem extragavanza is not a bad deal, if one needs the gems.

Back on topic, I have chased certain heroes, and gotten them, doesnt mean I do it all the time, no matter how much I spend :slight_smile:

It’s their money and i respect that, but i still think that people spending lots (this kind of lots) are hurting everyone else and driving this game to the direction we well know.

So in their shoes, i will not proudly show i’m that kind of spender.

But that’s just me.


I have 114 heroes and twenty one 5*. I use the tokens that I win and some of my diamonds occasionally. I deliberately don’t pull them all at once. I have an unproven theory that one doesn’t get as many good heroes from massive summons done all at once. I read a discussion about that in the comments of one of the videos relating to this game about 9 to 12 months ago. It kind of stuck with me.

A simpler explanation is that it’s not their money.

The google play store is one of many vectors to sell scammed cash.

Example (real world):
A person receives a phone call and is told that they are from the IRS and the police have been sent to dispatched to collect them due to non-payment of taxes.

In our example, the person isn’t very bright, but is in a very large pool of people with undeclared or underdeclared income.

The person is then told if they can settle for $5000 immediately, this can be resolved. Back-and-forth happens “I can’t afford that etc.” and an amount is arrived at that this (again, real-world) person will express to “the IRS” by going to the equivalent of a 7-11, and putting money on a google play card.

Once the scammer’s account is funded, it gets flipped to someone who handles turning this “credit” into an actual real-world (otherwise legitimate) sale to an end-user.

Now, the people that have the ability to bulk-fund accounts are clearly used to dealing with gray market credit (very common for people who grew up in certain countries) and know they’re taking advantage of some kind of scheme.

So, the question remains what to do about it? Well, in this example, the Google Play store should have better controls, but I suspect there are any other numbers of markets that do the same, so it’s easy to turn a blind eye to profit.

Getting mad about it certainly won’t help (I’ve tried, hard). There’s a not a lot that can be done aside from adding a “report” feature that sends ‘nerfed’ users for evaluation . . . but that generates a lot of noise, and you really don’t want to want to have even ONE legit user get b0rked over this.

You need to remember that this just happens, and you can’t simulate the results at all realistically, so stop chasing it.

Err, I guess I wrote a book here; hopefully I won’t get roasted =)


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Er, right.

It’s the player’s money, and it’s their choice how they spend it.

Now, a team of 5 white rabbits at lvl 1 is not scary at all.


LOL, happy waffle indeed!

Both players in the pics are from the same alliance too…NOT a good conceal job. LOL

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I’m C2P, VIP and maybe 1 other deal per month. Through the first half of 2020, no 5* at all. Then in July… 3 x Noor. Did I want 3 Noors? No I did not. :rofl:

With a few exceptions, quadruplicate HOTMs are almost always a bad thing.

Being 100% serious I would love 3 noors. I think it would make for a very strong core for a red mono anti-tel team

It ain’t that hot. Trust me.

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