How do the top 100 alliances match players?

How do the top 100 alliances match players? Everywhere there are 30 participants. But places, for sure, appear. So I wonder how they do it? Are you poaching players from other top 100 alliances? Looking for players in alliances well below the top 100? Are you just waiting for the player to contact the chapter? Advertise and make a selection from the stream of applicants … How, share your experience?

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Like recruit new players?

Advertise, Advertise, advertise:

  • Facebook
  • reddit
  • this forum
  • be chatty in line groups, discord, ingame chat
  • be present in ingame recruiting chat
  • when top 100 and you have an open spot people random in
  • Everyone that contacts you, you put on a waitlist.
  • ask new players if they have friends they want to bring in

waiting list, that’s interesting :thinking:

There are always active players who have been outgrown in their casual or slightly not that competitive alliances asking for a place in a top ally from the leaderboard.


And Rigs should know :joy::joy:


lol just roll with what works

the only place saders advertises is the forum as far as i know and last i checked they’re full :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


What alliances are you guys in? Would be good to see what teams make up the strongest alliances for my free to play curiosity lol


i usually hang my hat in Crew-Saders(top 100)

I’m on hiatus in Crew-Raiders(working towards top 100) currently

feel free to check either out


Wow. That’s unbelievable. I’m so glad we’ll never meet in a war because we would be humiliated haha. What a team!


lol just takes time and some money. we still lose wars to bigger teams.

what alliance are you in?

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@SuperHans my team


Usually top alliances have their ‘academies’ or family alliances of lower tier skill where they put promising people who want to join but are not yet ready OR just the main alliance is full… When someone from main leaves, it opens the door for someone willing from the academy to join.

It’s win-win - main alliances experience little downtimes and they have almost certainty that the new member will be loyal, and academies get their advertisement of ‘best players will have opportunity to join the main alliance’.


Yep what @Suicide_Bunny said.

I’m in Crew-Jesters for example which with Crew-Rogues sits behind Raiders and Saders.

When full (and we usually are) Jesters and Rogues sit around 500th (ish, moves around a lot there)

Below us there’s another 3 family alliances from the training alliance upwards. Rabid Wardogz is the entry level and then we have the semi casual Seahawks and Sapphires.

Means you can join near the bottom and work upwards until you find the alliance that suits you and your roster.

Currently we have people who would easily qualify for the higher alliances if they wanted to and when a spot appears on Saders or Raiders a message usually goes around asking if anyone wants to try it out. A few have but mostly we like the level we are at.

And we are just 1 family. Elite Force, 7 Days, Grizzly Nation, Wolves of the North (All off the top of my head) have a similar structure.

So that helps keep us full.

And Rigs doing his thing if needed :joy:


It’s not easy to get new active players even when advertising every day. We have 19 players luckily most are very active. Not sure how to attract more thought

A couple of our newer members have posted ads on facebook and reddit, and some of the other Crews’ recruiting posters mention Saders and our requirements too. I’ve gotten a few inquiries out of the blue lately, and they turned out to have come from those ads. (I don’t think any of them ended up being a “fit” though, fwiw.)


Don’t forget about Crew-Barons!

(LOL, when did this turn into a reCrew-ting thread?)


This can get a little contentious at times, if some of the lower alliances feel like they’re never able to improve because their best players keep leaving for higher alliances in the family.

Alliance families that have true “training” alliances don’t have this problem, obviously. But it’s not real easy to find people willing to lead those groups, because there’s not much in-game reward for doing so. Those leaders have to be completely selfless, and have to get enough joy from helping others’ succeed, that they don’t mind fighting lower titans, getting less loot, etc.

For Saders’ part, we haven’t asked around in the other Crew alliances for potential members in months. I generally prefer to simply let people make the request themselves, when they feel they’ve outgrown where they’re at. Then there can’t be any hard feelings from leadership of the other family alliances, because the player was going to leave anyway; they might as well stay in the family!


I think that it eventually becomes a fluid thing.
Being in Helios, it feels like we have people who have left, come back and left again.
Then we have people visit from other top 100 alliances, friends of friends of friends who play together or travel together.

When you are in the top 100, it’s noted by people and they join because they want to remain in the top 100.

Culture is a big thing, though. Helios has never been a cut-throat competitive must-spend alliance, structured in all things with tons of rules. We just want good people who play well, and trust that they will contribute.

Recruiting in the top 150-300 is REALLY hard and that is what made me step down as leader, because it was stressful to deal with the attrition and backfill with people. so the struggle is real.

It’s sort of like saying “you have to HAVE money to MAKE money” or “You need experience to do this job, but you can’t have experience until you do this job”

Helios made it into the top 100 on culture and reputation of being good people. Others make it by competition and name-power.


i still plan on droppin by one day for some wars

just never know when

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guess some things have changed in my absence lol

oh well can’t have too much advertisement, i just never deemed it necessary to advertise anywhere else


@gregschen Barons! I did totally forget them (and apologies for that)

We had Iago ask us a little while back when Math4lyfe dropped out if anyone wanted to apply to join you guys. It’s says a lot about Jesters that everyone was happy to keep helping us grow.

And all threads eventually become recruiting threads don’t they?? :joy:

So come and check out Crew! We are awesome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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