How do the new Challenge Event "families" work?

I was lucky enough to get a Merlin in my challenge coin pull. Merlin shows as part of the Avalon Family. So are members of this family only from pulls during the Avalon event? Or are there other heroes that are already Avalon but I don’t happen to have any?

Thanks in advance for those who know!

Only Avalon heroes share this family designation.
King Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin, Lancelot, Morgan Le Fay, Black Knight, Lady of the Lake, and Bauchan.

Tapping on the icon will show you stat bonuses by placing more than 2 of them in the same line up, all the way up to 5.

Note, they have to be unique heroes for the bonus to work. So you can’t have two Merlins on the same team and trigger the family bonus.


Super helpful, thank you ShoHoku!

This a badass family too! Have five of them in a squad extra crit and health! Wow! Others only get one bonus!
bee cool to see 5 of them maxed out against a team!

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