How do Panther and Tiburtus' specials interact?

Phanter and tiburtus, for example, work together? …
or only prevails the last triggered …
in the titan appears the two emblems of diminishing of defense.
Help please

Sartana doesn’t have -def

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their specials have different effects, so both effects are going to be applied: -def from Tib and poison overtime damage from Sartana would both be inflicted on the enemy.

If what you’re asking is, would the defense drop affect the damage Sartana deals with her Deathstrike? The answer is yes then… Def- applies to both regular attacks and special skill damage. So hitting first with Tib would be ideal.

If what you’re asking is, would the 294 damage over 6 turns dealt by the poison overtime be increased by the -Def drop? The answer is no… this damage is static and ignores any status effects.

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Sorry… panther?..

Sorry sorry…panther and tiburtus?

Guardian Panther’s skill drops defense against dark attacks only. Whereas Tiburtus’s drops defense for all attacks.

They actually do stack together, so say Sartana attacks after them, both defense drops would be added and taken into consideration.

This question has also been answered here before:

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I generally hit Panther first then Tiburtus as Panther also debuffs anything the heroes have on them.

Also, any defense down hero(Tiburtus, Gormek, Grimm, Buddy, Wilbur) can work with any elemental defense down (Jackal, Panther, Falcon, Evelyn, Arthur and soon to be Frida).

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Thanks a lot…

Thanks a lot…

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