How do I transfer game from iPad to PC?

Is it possible to play my game on PC? I have been playing on iPad but to play it also on my PC…

I wish to play it ALSO on my PC…

Download BlueStacks now!!! Android simulator. Available for both PC and MacOS. Works great. Just don’t pick some funky phone profile when you are setting up your preferences.

Once you have downloaded and launched the virtual machine, download Google play instantly.

The world is your oyster. :slightly_smiling_face:


Apparently there is a smoother and better program than Bluestacks (which I also use btw). Another use of the Bluestacks simulator is that it allows simultaneous farming on two accounts, provided you have alts. But unfortunately you cannot hit titans or chase anything else that requires speed on the Bluestacks simulator. And the game is laggish on Bluestacks.

Edit: Transfering the game back and forth with progress saved is indeed possible to your Google play account, which you can log on to from PC and mobile - but never at the same time from different devices.

It is insanely GPU intensive for reasons I don’t understand at all but 60 fps which is where I’m capped is what I’m getting. If I go 3D intensive for testing, I still get 60 fps.

PS, I run on an old Mac so I don’t I can’t speak for a PC or comparison on a really low end graphics cards like I have (like Apple love to use). 2GB???

!Bluestacks ((pub) fps !

better program than Bluestacks (which I also use btw). better program than Bluestacks (which I also use btw).

Name it. DO NOT say NOX! (just to me?)

All these suggestions are for an android/google account. You wouldn’t have that coming from an iOS/Apple account.

Well to go from an iPad to a PC, they need an Android simulator first (Like BlueStacks, Mac OS and PC or NOX for PC only). They need a google play account and ONLY then go to the game settings (In E&P) on your ipad and click the export to android button and then follow the instructions. If I got it right first go, it must be easy. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, I’ll try…


@CognacVSOP I just edited my post to make it clearer.

Will the game soon be released for the Mac m1? thx

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