How do I start a leadership?

**i can’t figure out how to create leaders, co leaders or elders. Google isn’t much help and I asked the game but their reply was “we don’t have time to answer” ask someone else. So I’m asking how do I do it?

A leader is created by setting up a new alliance
Or the existing leader can promote a co lead to leader and effectively swap

A leader can promote an elder to co lead

A leader or co leader can promote a member to elder

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To become a leader, first collect some people. Next, say, “I’m the leader”. Test whether it has worked by ordering your colleagues to do something, like make you a sandwich. If they do it then congratulations! You are now the leader. If it hasn’t worked, say, “I’m the leader” again until it works. It might take several hundred repetitions. Persist.

To make a co-leader, pick the most uptight looking of your people. Ask them, “Do you want to be a leader like me except not quite as cool or good and I can still fire you except you can’t fire me and you have to do what I say regardless of how petty and stupid it is?” If they say yes, make them sing Puff the Magic Dragon while holding a Huntley & Palmers cream cracker between their buttocks. If the cracker survives, they’re co-leader.

To make an elder, ask who is the youngest. That person is the least eld. The person next in age is elder, the next is elder again and so on until you get to the last, who can’t be an elder because they are the eldest. Make them all sing Puff the Magic Dragon with Huntley & Palmers cream crackers between their buttocks. The least eld and the eldest have to clean up all the cracker crumbs.


How I love you @Brobb

That has made me smile on a rubbish day :slight_smile:

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Hope your day improves. :crazy_face:

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@Blizzard, the question is, if you can’t figure out how to become a leader here in this game, would it really be a good thing for you to become one at this point? Wouldn’t it be better to join some alliance until you get some skill and game understanding and only then start your own, becoming a leader in the process? Then creating co leaders and elders would come naturally… of course, you would need some alliance members first…


@Blizzard, first question: Are you in an alliance?
Second: did you found the alliance you are in?

I am happy to tell you how to do each step. As others have pointed out, these are only how to make a leader, co-leader, elder, etc. They do not guarantee the result of a good leader, co-leader, etc.

To become a leader (you must be alliance-less)

  • Click alliance button at bottom of screen; follow prompts (and pay the gems required) to make your new alliance
  • You will automatically be Leader until you leave the alliance or promote someone else to leader. (If you do not promote someone before leaving, your alliance will have no leader and can become stagnant as no new co-leaders will be able to be appointed. If you return, you will be a member, and must be promoted by someone else; only leaders can make someone else leader in an existing alliance.)

To make Elders

  • Click Alliance button on bottom of your game screen. It should default to the [Members] tab.
  • Click the member you wish to promote.
  • Click the blue [Promote] button at the bottom one time.

To make Co-leaders

  • Click the blue [Promote] button at the bottom two times.
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First and foremost thanks brobb that was pretty funny, I almost read most of it. Maybe it was the game but I physically didn’t have the promote or die buttons on my screen til today. This is day two of trying to get our act together. Thanks to everyone for your help, I hope to return the favour some day to some else.


@Blizzard, if you miss those buttons, you are not the alliance leader. Check out the member list. It will show you who is the leader :wink:

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I guess that’s what I get for getting old, can’t see without my glasses or I’m becoming senile (probably). “Making those ■■■■ buttons to small. I remember in my day buttons used to be made out of wood or teeth and used to be as big as a cricket. What was I talking about?”

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