How do I report this?

We had 5 players join our alliance 5 days ago. One of them went hysterical in our chat yesterday when the leadership would not call a hold on a 10* titan moments after it arrived. To make a long story short (for now), he left the alliance during the war with 2 of his accounts still holding 7 flags. The others admitted to not hitting the titan (which we killed) and blowing their war flags on purpose. They are now all in an alliance as co-leads and elders. Sounds suspiciously like some kind of vendetta. We lost this war because of this. Is there somewhere we can report this to SG. I know there are line groups, but these ppl should have their accounts suspended. I have all the relevant screenshots.


Ugh, sorry that happened to you. People suck sometimes. No real way to report it, but I can give you a tip for preventing it in the future. Set your alliance to Invite Only, put a Line or Discord link in your alliance banner, and don’t accept anyone in unless they talk to you first.


We are already invite only. We had been recruiting in AR and got this story about how the three of them (3 players with 6 accounts) were looking for a new home. We accepted them and until this war (5 days later), thought everything was okay.

It seems like this kind of behavior is more serious than bad chatroom etiquette. SG has a mechanism for that but not this?

It’s a bummer and most alliances deal with it at one point or another.

But you can’t force someone to use their flags and it would be a labor intensive 1 by 1 review.

Block the guys that did it and backfill their spots. I hope that’s the last time you guys have something like that.


If you blacklist or block them, if there is a way to do such, they may change name and come around again. I suggest you just forget it and move on, some people are not just team players.


So let me get this straight, it’s not too labor intensive for SG to investigate chat “abuses” but it is too difficult to do so for war and titans? In other words, they’ll police the chat but not fundamental elements of the game. Sounds backwards to me.

Btw, that’s why other games limit the number of allowed name changes.

Alliances are diplomacy at their core; you may not like what your members do, but it is what it is. Sounds like a good learning lesson at least!


SGG doesn’t care about people leaving alliances over petty things.

Just gotta deal with it, and vet potential members better in the future.


For what reason should their accounts get suspended? What rules did they violate?

It’s still allowed to be an idiot. :wink:


All these problem would be solved easily.

Nobody would participate in the next war after joining in an ally.

#no more system cheaters. :wink:

That is terrible @Sly. I agree with @NPNKY, sometimes people suck. You can’t name and shame on the forum, although the deserters you describe you’d think would be the exception :thinking:.

I’ve heard of Line Groups that have a blacklist of players to be wary of, and the fact you have screenshots of their misdeeds, I as a member of my alliance leadership would appreciate seeing it. Perhaps @Rook might be able to help?

FYI - I’ve found recruiting on the forum, you are more likely to find the cream of the crop. In game AR… Not so much :confounded:. GL


I can be reached on Line for general discussion at chibipotato16.

If you laugh at my name, I may be less helpful. :grin:


I 10o% agree with this. Helios has for sure found great diamonds in the rough via AR, but as a whole the forum is our main source of quality talent.


Chat abuses could be classified as harassment, player safety, and a PR nightmare if it gets out of hand.

Missed war flags, while annoying, is just part of the game.

Not to be rude, but suck it up. I has happened to EVERY alliance out there. Vet people better, learn from the mistake, move on to your next war.

… and if you are anything like me, be super petty about it, follow them to their next alliance and notify their next alliance of their transgressions.



Note to self - do not get on the wrong side of @Cvs.

@Sly, I’ve been playing this game for a year and I’ve never had someone leave with flags during an alliance war - so it doesn’t happen to every alliance. Yes people have left, but after using their war flags.

More careful vetting of new recruits definitely helps to weed out the undesirables. We use Line / discord for better communication.

And that is why you can no longer track people with the block mechanism. :slight_smile:


Lol, I’m usually pretty chill. But a looooooong time member just left after matching for seemingly no reason at all. He joined a different alliance and I felt like notifying them was the right thing to do. So I jumped over before our war started and just left a message like “hey (blank) no worries if you want to leave, could you please come back a use your war flags first?”

So a kind and polite message that also was a warning to the new alliance.

I left before anything escalated.

And yes @littleKAF I’m sure this is why they made that change, and I still think it was a bad call by SG.


Eh I’d be less helpful to anyone who didn’t laugh at that name :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I know. My daughter named my account. One day I’ll forgive her. :grin:


@Rook, don’t change it. I personally love the way she named you small fry. Most won’t get it.

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