How do I read my private message?

Okay. I have a message bubble and a notification of one unread message. I am sure I’m missing something incredibly obvious but I have clicked through all the menus and even searched on the forum for PM, private message, personal message, etc. Can someone please tell me how to read my message?

Click on your avatar picture
Then click on the bookmark flag thingy
Then Click on notifications scroll down
Well thats how i found mine
I am still learning myself how to run around this forum :slight_smile:"

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Thanks. I hit something called dismiss and it disappeared. Sigh. I hope it wasn’t important because I can’t find an inbox page anywhere where I might be able to recover deleted messages.

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thank you very much!
I had no idea either…

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-Upper right corner- click on your avatar pic
-On the drop down menu- click on your forum name
-Tabs across the top- click on the “Notification” tab

This should default to “All” on the left hand column, if not, click on “All”

Scroll down until you see an envelop icon

After the envelop icon with be the sender and the subject

Click on the envelop icon for the sender and subject you want to view

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Until you hit dismiss, or click on an individual notification, new notifications are highlighted.

But notification never go away, old notification just require a lot of scrolling to the bottom of the page, and waiting for the forum to load more at the bottom.


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