How do I put colorful writing in chat?

Hello everyone! I’ve seen some people write with the colors in the global chat! How do they do it? Thank you


Blame Bahahahahaha for this one…
All you have to do is put an html colour codes in front of his text, using the following format.
Example: [#000000]Then type text. I think any 6 digit colour code works. Easy enough to find codes with a basic google search.


There is a short list of codes at

Note: Many of the colors are dark, and will not work well in chat. Play around till you find what works for you and others. :slight_smile:


Check for more…color code


You can also search “hex code” images and pull up color maps like this:


Go for the lighter colors, because the background is a dark blue.

  1. It is more pleasing to the eye.
  2. It makes it easier for others to read what you are typing.
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Yes, please no eyebleedy colors! :wink:


I try and limit it to one phrase per message.

8/8 4* 3.60 in green followed by code for white and the rest of the message “are better than 8/8 5* 2.60 then 8/8 3* 3.50 then 2* lastly 1* heroes using only farmable Ascension items.”

Personal color choices:

[#123456] Cyan Blue ( just for it’s hex number )


[#FF0000] Red

[#FFA500] Orange

[#FFD700] Gold
[#FF8C00] Dark_Orange

[#FFFF00] Yellow
[#00FF00] Lime -Green
[#00FFFF] Aqua -Blue
[#FF00FF] Fuchsia- Purple

[#FFFFFF] White


Very helpful! Thanks! I like Gold best so far. :slight_smile:

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Reminder, colors are for In-Game Chat (Global, Peer Support, Off-Topic, Alliance Recruitment). It will not work here on the Forum.

I’m sorry for the thread necro. I couldn’t see a rule against this, so apologies if I missed it.

I’ve seen alliances recruiting with ads where their alliance name is centered at the top of the message. I like the look and I’m wondering how that works. Is there code to center text in in-game chat, or perhaps a way to make spaces or invisible text right at the beginning of a message? Any help would be appreciated. :grin:

Edit: I should mention I’ve tried &?nbsp; (without the ?)

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I’ve never been able to get centering text to work, only using tilde’s to make lines etc, by trial and error:

~~~~~~~~ Title of Thingee ~~~~~~~~

Etc etc

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You need to place hex colour codes prior to the text, in square brackets and a hash.

[# 123456] <——— this but without the space after the hash

I have been trying to color my text in chat like I see other people do some
of the posts say you have to contact support to learn how. Can you please
point me in the right direction?

The search option is your friend: here.

Merged threads.


As this is requested quite often. Here is a tool for gradient chat messages:


Anyone else think colorful chat meant swearing when they read this topic? There’s a trick for that too :slight_smile:

I guess in this case no one would post his/her intentions on here :rofl:

Thank you! I have indeed been wondering about this but always forget to take the time to look it up! :star_struck:

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