How do I opt out of War?

When is the opt out function comming? We are so tired of alliance wars 83k

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You can already opt out by simply not fielding a defense. Individuals who don’t field a defense cannot participate in wars in any way. If the entire alliance does not field a defense you will automatically forfeit.

Not sure what benefit opting out would have over these options.


Ok and then i kick everyone out who keeps his team?

You could do that if somehow on principle you felt that was better than just ignoring the tab. It’s really not hard to simply not participate in the war.

Do you think there should be an opt out mechanism for Raids? How about Titans? How about Missions? Events?

You can choose to participate in any of those or not. Why should war specifically be different? And why is it any worse to simply not play that part than anyone saying ‘I don’t Raid’ or 'Titans aren’t important to me?"

Edit: Sorry - Dante is right. This is off topic and not appropriate for this thread.