How do I level up my special skill when it’s stuck on a maxed hero?

My players have reached their maximum ascension levels but their skill levels are still not met. What steps do I follow to advance a skill?

If you have unlocked their last ascension’s stage you are still able to train them, with increased chances to raise their skill level.

Don’t do it until the chance is 100% though

I feed them 1 hero at a time… and it works, skill levels up eventually…

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Is kind of counter intuitive, but my experience agrees with darkangel. Supposedly the more hero’s of the same color and higher stars you feed (up to ten), the greater your chances of increasing their special. You can follow that rule, but I’ve actually been better off with a 6-7% chance. Strange, but for me I actually get hero’s to increase 2-3 times in a row when I go that route. When it’s 25%+, they rarely ever increase for me.


Once a hero is maxed, other than skill, there are 3 easy ways to increase their skill level in current versions:

  • 10 of 1* heroes of the same color as the hero you’re leveling, fed at once

  • 5 of 2* heroes of the same color as the hero you’re leveling, fed at once

  • 1 of a duplicate of the hero you’re leveling

All of those will produce a guaranteed special level increase on a hero that’s otherwise maxed.

NOTE: some posts elsewhere are referring to outdated information. This changed in Version 18, which increased the percentages for special level increases on maxed heroes.

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How do I “train” something that is max level? Do I use the “level up” option even though I can’t go up an actual “level”?

Yes, the Level Up button will still be active if the special isn’t maxed.


Yes. Once the special is maxed, the Level up button will disappear and the talent grid will be accessible


Thanks so much! It worked!


I am struggling with the forum. I can’t find anything on your list. All I want to know if how to level up my skill when I have a max ascension. Why is this so complicated?

@Bluerose1999 I moved your question to a thread that can help answer it. :slight_smile:

Up above a couple posts, I answered the same question, here’s my answer for easy reference (just scroll up to read the whole conversation):

I have to agree. I usually get my skill level up when chance are low usually 5-7%. Ive yet to get a level up on 50% or higher. I’ve also had better luck tossing in one or two different colors, especially the opposites. Like tossing in a yellow or two when leveling up purple. It works for me. Maybe just superstitious? :joy: :woman_shrugging:

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