How do I know who I should level next

So this is opinion based question I guess. I have kiril maxed, rigard maxed, gromek maxed, guardian gazelle maxed, almur maxed, brynhild maxed, thorne, boril, and Grimm leveled not ascended to max. I don’t know who to level next in my back log.

Liana, sumitomo, guardian falcon, mist, Kellie, Scarlett, bloodtusk. . Who do I level how do you know an order? Any help would be appreciated.

To get an informed decision it’s probably best to post your roster photos.
As a general rule of thumb I would suggest levelling 3 x rainbow teams of 3* heroes and 4 x rainbow teams of 4* heroes before you max your 5*

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Sounds to me like you need a green hitter lianna is beast costume or not still one of the best snipers in the game and goes well with almur but for reds definitely falcon over Scarlett or kelile any element def down hero is gold especially for events but I’d agree with @JGE post your roster screenshots and then you’ll probably get better advice

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Wu Kong

Necessity for titans and events

Guardian Gazelle is one of the best hero of the game!
But Incompetent with Wu…
Sadly: she needs specific setup… so Brynhild… Wu does not work with Gazelle… unfortunstely

Falcon and Boldtusk definitely

C.Tiburtus is also a good candidate…

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Overall Wu kong and Gazelle brings the same attack buff but Gazelle is giving 50% protection too , and do not forget the immunity, the self heal and she is more sturdy…

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You should level your heroes by colour, it‘s slower but on the long term it‘s much better.

And always try to use 10 heroes at once when levelling up in order to minimize used hams.

Ex: Level up Grimm using 10x 1/2* blue heroes.

From your roster i would level up:

•Grimm: one of the best 4* (very good against titan)
•Tiburutus: another good 4*
•Lianna: if u have the items to maximize her, otherwise do Little Jhon ( 4* 4/70 > 5* 3/70)
• G Falcon: must have against green titan, after him do Boldtusk as u should have a healer from every colour
• Wu Kong —-VIP—- he will increase your titan dmg A LOT !

Good luck !

Why WuKong? !!!

S/he 's got Gazelle!!! For 4 star tourneys??

I do not get this…

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Please do not give advice before you at least briefly chech the hero pool!

You would be right in 99% of the cases by saying: “Wu”…

But now you are wrong… sorry…

Only for 4 star tourneys and legend/ninja events

I would say: Lianna, Mist, Falcon, c.Tibs, Grimm

Just for the record:

I figured since I got gazelle I needed need wu, it’s 100% vs 150 but there’s no accuracy penalty

Thanks all for the input

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First of all finish of Guardian Gazelle
Then for your 4* focus on:
Mist, Guardian Falcon, Wu Kong, Boldtusk, Grimm, Tiburtus and Boril (plus any of their costumes).
For your next 5 *
Lianna and Thorne both in costume

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Ooh, risking the wrath of the Vonos1982 :rofl:

Looking at your roster, for now concentrate on your 4* heroes until you have 2-3 of each colour maxed. Then move on to the 5*. That will make you relatively competitive quicker and alow you to complete the quests to get the 4* mats for the 5*.

5* take MUCH longer to max and in the meantime you are stuck with the heroes you have. (I know from first-hand experience)


You still need Wu for times where 5 stars are not allowed, or for example a ninja event where you don’t want her cursed early

Sorry if i sounded harsh! I apologize!

Wu kong is an excellent attack multiplier- titan hero but not for the OP!

I would put Mist ahead of Wu kong. If Gazelle has not been already ascended I would probably say otherwise but obviously the OP already pulled the trigger and spend the mats.

Otherwise I agree with all the responders:

Grimm costume, Thorne costume
Lianna costume, (maybe Mnessus and Grevle too)
Tiburtus costume
Boldtusk, Falcon…

All solid must-have heroes…

Just to add a bit more:

Unlike Wu, Gazelle does increase the specials damage. So although I believe Wu kong gives you slightly higher damage on titans in every other aspect of the game Gazelle wins.

Seems OP need a 5* sniper so Liana is the one I suggest to max first. If focus on green opponent especially Titan then Falcon is a must, if focus on healer then worthess to max Bloodtusk, if focus on mana controlling then mist is a solid choice because mana controlling is always important.

And yes your Gazelle is maxed so Wu is not top priority to max unless you want to use him on Mystery Titan.

Have u ever tried wu kong?

-185% > 100% (only 4 heroes get this buff)
-5 turns > 4 turns
-Wu kong A+ grade on titan> Gazelle A

  • Wukong full emblems 505 requiered> gazelle 1500

Of course wu kong misses sometimes a lot, but when he doesn‘t, thats when you‘ll see 100k+ on titans.

Titan dmg is all about attack and def down, no healing or other buffs needed if you know how to play.
Titan is the first material source so that‘s why you should focus on it.

And that‘s why WuKong !


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