How do I get talent grid points?


Chests or events. For example, I just completed my monster chest and received ONE ranger emblem. This is intended to be a very long grind, as even if you did receive 1 emblem in every single chest, just for the first upgrade you will need 65 emblems, and there are 10 different classes of emblems.
So 1 per chest x 10 classes x 65 emblems required = ~650 successful chest pulls before you can complete the first upgrade.
Like ascension mats, I am sure that there will be chances to pull more than 1 emblem, and the upcoming class quests should (hopefully) have a lot more emblems. We will see.


And do not forget about this;

What are Class Quests?

Class Quests are new quests that reward the players with Class Emblems.
Class Quests can be found on the Quests Map.
There is a new Class Quest twice a week.
Each Class Quest has three stages.
    Easy stage that opens on Player Level 15.
    Medium stage that opens on Player Level 20.
    Hard stage that opens on Player Level 30
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Hi where is the talent grid?

Upgrade to the latest game build (version 18), the Talent Grid will only show up for any (1* - 5*) fully ascended hero (means ascension tier, XP completely maxed out and his/her special abilities, like Bane who is 3^50 and 8/8 on his special skill). One way to tell is that their class icons will show up on their thumbnail on your hero roster if they are eligible. But you can still see the class assignment of any heroes not yet eligible when you look at his/her actual card.

The word I use to my alliance mates about talent is that it “transcends” them beyond their physical limits.

thank you. this makes sense.

Talent grid problems. Please help!!!

How is anyone supposed to be able to help, when you don’t say where your problem lies?


Excuse me i would like to know talent grid, my player already full ascention and maximum level but i don’t know how to level up using talent grid? Please help

A hero has to be fully leveled including specials, e.g. 3^50 for a 3*, 4^70 for a 4*, and 4^80 for a 5* hero. And their specials will have to be 8/8 for the Talent Grid to show up on their card.

One way to tell if a hero is able to be used Talent Grid is to look at the thumbnail on your hero roster, if he/she has a little symbol showing their class within a little triangular colored area to the upper left corner of their thumbnail, that hero is ready to go.

However, you will need to have required number of Emblems (blue colored tokens that has class symbols on them) associated with the hero that you are going to provide talents to. There are 10 classes total, each hero is now assigned one of those 10 classes. You will need enough emblems and a specified amount of food / iron for each talent node.

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Two links for ya here:

  1. For the basics on what’s what and who gains what abilities, etc, etc… check out the wiki’s Talents page.

  2. For checking out a specific hero and how their talent tree affects their stats, @Kamikaze_Assassin put together a really great talent calculator with a more detailed approach. Copy the document and play to heart’s content.


Thanks all for the information, it’s really helpful :heart_eyes:

Is there life after level 20 on the talent grid?

The Talent Calculator is absolutely amazing and just what I was looking for to help me when I get to the point of leveling my 4* heroes. Thanks to @Kamikaze_Assassin for putting it together, and to @CheTranqui for sharing/providing the link! This fairly new to EnP player appreciates it!

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