How do I get rare quests?


Do you have to be a certain level or something because I’m level 20 and I’ve NEVER got anything over an uncommon food

Basically impossible for me to ascend my 5 star to tier 3 or my 4* to tier 4


Rare quests are supposed to be more frequent and not conflict with events, but so far has not panned out


The quests are the same for all play. Some days ago there was an uncommon gem quest. The last rare quest was at the beginning of the month during the event … hopefully the next one won’t take place during an event again. But you never know as it is just random like nearly everything in this game.


And this below thread disciused the same concern a bit earlier. Please refer :grinning:


To make it easier to find that thread you’re pointing at, there should be used a more meaningful title. With such a title, where you don’t see any reference to quests, you will end with uncountable threads about the same topic.


Or we rely on kind posters like @Ronin to take the time to look up the link and refer. :slight_smile:
(Agree that threads should be properly titled though)


Thanks Infinity :grinning:

And Alaine, the devs have answered our calls lol. Happy news. Here is the thread. Good luck :sunglasses:


Nice one, @Ronin.

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