How do I find out the upcoming HOTM?

I read a thread where people were talking about the next red hero of the month being a mirror of zeline but I don’t know where I can find this information. Is there a chart of upcoming HOTM?

These are information from beta testers and while they can write about what they are testing they can’t post images of beta content.

As @FraVit93 says, beta testers are prohibited from sharing too much content, particularly screenshots. Here’s a preview of what we have in the current beta:

October: Aegir, Ice hero. Tanky build, buffs for use as a tank or utility hero backing up others, plus Elemental Link healing. Exact design has been in flux, could be great or meh.

November: Evelyn, Nature hero. Very similar to Panther but green, with more defense-oriented stats, plus Elemental Link healing. First hero with a defense-against-green debuff, completing the set (Panther, Jackal, Arthur, Evelyn, Falcon).

December: Zimkitha, Fire hero, mirror to Zeline. Fast AoE, adding an attack buff to all allies and cleansing all status effects, plus Elemental Link healing.


Can you give us this kind of preview for the March hero, too?
The next Atlantis summon will span from February into March, right?

March: Frida, blue Panther (actually, rat), average mana. Her class is paladin. She does damage to 3 targets (higher than Panther, since she is average), blue elemental debuf, dispels and has intrinsic resistance to attack ailments. Elemental link gives resistance against nature. Better alternative to Arthur for raiding (I would still prefer Arthur for titans).

April: Anzogh, red wizard, slow mana. He does AoE attack, heals each ally with 20% of total damage done, reduces enemy critical chance and has intrinsic resistance to mana effects. Aditionally, elemental link gives defence against Ice.


Isn’t she a humanoid white bear? :joy:

Maybe that is what she is ment to be. To me she reminds a rat or some kind of ferret

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When you know that Zeline will not save attackers from some Icy rightful strikes:


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