How do I find / invite a specific player?

Someone accidentally kicked a player off our alliance and I want to invite them back. Is there a way to do that?

If they have talked you can click on their name and it shows if they have joined another alliance, then you can send someone to talk to them. Other then that I guess hope they read your post.

I wish there was a better way to look for friends whom you played with before and invite them to join your alliance. Can we request such a feature?


yes, why isnt this possible? Too much work? i mean, the princip would be the same as looking for an alliance. please someone forward this to a dev


I think I read somewhere a long time ago that this is that the players who are not in an alliance are being spammed to death by others wanting them to join.
Immagine when you as a player enter general chat and have no alliance. I guess you will be more active denying the request to join alliance X, Y or Z than actively playing the game.

There is no direct way, currently. Some alliances make use of outside communication tools like Line or Discord. If you had connected that way, you could just tag them there and let them know if the error.

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