How do I find how long I've been playing this game?

I joined an alliance as soon as I possibly could, over 700 days ago, but don’t know exactly how long before that I installed the game.

If you’re on iPhone and your game is connected to Game Center, I think you can look in the Achievements in Game center and find when you got the achievement for completing the tutorial. On Android I think there’s something similar in the Google Play center(?) or something like that.

For apple, under My Purchases you can see when you downloaded the game

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For Android, if you’re signed in as your Google Play account, start up E&P and go to Options (gear icon). On the Settings tab of Options, there’s a little ribbon icon. Click that and it’ll show your achievements, including tutorial completion date

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Ooo that’s even better. March 31, 2019 for me! Thanks Tess

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Tutorial completion June 10, 2019. That long and at level 37 I still don’t have a 4* yellow troop but have two 4* purple, two 4* blue, one 4* green, and one 4* red.

Daily summon just gave me another 3* yellow troop.