How do i create a troll free topic?

I am trying to discuss older players not wanting better rewards so i can understand their perspective. I only want to talk to civil veteran players who aren’t rude or insulting as im trying to have a civil discussion.

I am a maniac who has a compulsion to fight back against bullies and fake tough guys. Im not pretending to be perfect, im flawed too, but should i be forced to endure the insults of thugs who cannot substantiate their opinions without insulting others?

I don’t think anyone should have to accept abuse just to have a conversation. Many will say i was never insulted on the other thread, it is all still there so im willing to just let everyone go look for themself. It really isn’t relevant to this NEW topic anyway as im trying to change the topic to this NEW topic of why veterans are opposed to better rewards in general (so it isn’t merged with a SE discussion again).

I need suggestions for a topic wording that won’t get deleted or merged into a dead thread.

I didn’t want to pick a fight with the whole forum, thats why i didn’t insult anyone until after i was insulted numerous times. Im trying to get a fresh start with less toxic veterans. Please advise how i can start this debate without a moderator shutting it down. Im new here so i really want to know, or one of you guys start it and ill join to discuss it there.

I suppose we should start off by asking where the weekly quest is?

Or where’s the find recruits 2 with an ett?


Troll free topic… hmmm… let’s see… perhaps write something about the weather… not sure even that would work…

First of all. Post in the correct section of the forum. Gugs & Issues is definitly the wrong section…

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Hi you are on a public forum so everyone has a right to say there views aslong as it is within the forum rules .

Not everyone is going to agree with your POV not everyone will agree with playerX views or the topic could go off topic.

Being you are new to the forum this does happen often on many topics.

Constructive criticism is welcomed here the forum is full of experienced players and good folk willing to help each other …
not everyone is holding hands singing kumbaya giving out flowers on here but try and keep it cival and to forum rules then all should be gravy.


If it’s any consolation lots of newcomers to the forum come with wonderful ideas and big complaints.

The problem is that people who have been on the forum awhile have already seen these statements many times, their replies can come across as obnoxious or blasé.

Don’t be offended by every reply, generally people are just trying to help but sometimes things get lost in communication and misunderstandings happen.

Don’t take everything to heart.

We all need to find our feet.


Yeah well said @Ghost lets give @Jwyatt469 a chance … This goes for everyone try to keep it a decent conversation for once :+1::roll_eyes:


I’m not sure if that is possible. You have posted a lot and have made it so some members aren’t a fan of yours. And yourself and others like that will follow those other around and comment on whatever thread you go to just to rile the other up.

I would suggest look at how YOU are posting and ponder how you might be inflammatory to others. All we can do is change how we react and what we alone post. I constantly type something up and then edit it to soften how it sounds, I think this would be a good tactic for yourself as well.

Best of luck.


I am an older playing (been playing for 4+ years). I’ll take better rewards, but I don’t argue for it much and don’t think it’s something needed.

But I’m not sure what else you want to discuss. I feel somewhat trolled by this thread rather than the question you seem to want to discuss. Hit me with more details on what you want to discuss and I’ll keep discussing.


Maybe try not leading with this statement?

It has been a common theme here for all of the 4+ years I’ve been reading the forums that most if not all players DO want much better rewards than they are getting.


If you truly want civil discussion, start by toning down your rhetoric. You come off as aggressive and that runs counter to your stated aim.

Already referring to people as “thugs” does you no favors.

Referring to people as “toxic” also does you no favors.

This would have been fine. Unfortunately however, you qualified this and turned it into:

If you want to see a discussion that isn’t toxic, lead by example. Whether or not people insult you, brush it off. If people choose to be toxic, you do yourself a disservice by stooping to their level, and you only add to the toxicity, turning the thread you are clearly passionate enough about to create into a cesspit.

Additionally, you would do well to remember your opinions are merely that, opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and having opinions contrary to your own is not, and should not be considered an attack on you.

Particularly as a new player, you also want to keep in mind that veteran players see things quite differently. For example, when you disagreed with my ratings of heroes, you brought up current standing in the game at the time of the Soul Exchange. This is certainly a factor to consider. But having played this game for years now, I look not to short-term value, but rather how I see this hero fitting into my roster a few years down the line. So I look for specific skillsets. This is why I valued cKong so highly. Dispel is a fundamental skill that has only grown in importance, so whether you think he is gamechanging or not, he will always be relevant. This is what I look for in a hero, and what I consider great.

By contrast, you can look at several of the latest and greatest heroes of the past and see where they are now. Guinevere, was once the undisputed queen of the tanks. Now she rarely ever sees play in any arena. Odin was once the top yellow defender as well, now also largely obsolete. We who have been here a while tend to take a longer view because we have personally experienced the shifts that make heroes obsolete over time.

Additionally, a bit of honesty goes a long way. I read through your other thread where you repeatedly made the claim that people were angry at you for choosing not to spend. Nowhere did I see any evidence of that or any suggestions that you continue doing so.

The biggest issue for me however, is this:

This more than anything is going to be a big roadblock to civil discussion, because while none of the words are in and of themselves problematic, you are accusing people of being opposed to better rewards (without any evidence to substantiate that claim by the way), and insinuating that they have nefarious reasons for doing so (although in the other thread, you went beyond this and explicitly accused veterans of trying to hold newer players down).


Sorry, they were getting deleted in every other section and i definitely had an issue with it so it made as much sense as anything else. Please go start it and ill join your topic to discuss it.

I know, every game i have ever played EVERY player has always wanted better rewards. That is exactly why i was so confused with players who angrily wanted to have awful cards in the SE.

Im trying to discuss that phenomenon and see if they feel the same way with Fated Summons. And get their perspective on why they feel this way is better for the game.

Great, i was venting on how bad this SE was in comparison to past SE and many veterans did not want the cards to be great, they felt this batch was adequately strong for a reward. Why would they not want the best cards possible? For 20 cards in return i wouldn’t think it would be unreasonable to have all brand new cards that have never been released. You are only getting back 1 card for up to 20 you are giving up. The sentiment i have is that rewards for things that expensive should be the among the best in the game. Every player could participate, so why not put even better cards than past soul exchanges? Why not?

So why do you repeat it in this NEW topic? Why don’t you just really start at zero? :thinking:


I’m not sure what the exact point is, but for some population Soul Exchange is a negative. Imagine a player who already has every hero. Soul Exchange allows others a chance to “catch up”. If I were P2W I would want my paying to maintain a power gap over others.

I’m f2p and have long argued Soul Exchange is one of the best thing for folks like me. I just took a look at the 20 cost heroes from each of the six soul exchanges (so 30 total). I have 6 of those 30 heroes. 2 of those heroes I got from Soul Exchange and 1 for Fated Summons. So I’ve been lucky enough to summon 3 of the 30 on my own. I just did a quick analysis of those 30 and realized over half would be a top hero for me.
Do I want better heroes from Soul Exchange? Sure. But many of the heroes are already good enough. I don’t feel any need to argue for even better heroes.

Maybe it’s just being content? I’m happy to play this game and get a better hero (that I can wait for and choose). I would like something better, but I don’t need to argue for including whichever heroes I most want.

I don’t value the 20 heroes you trade in as much as you do. I view it more as it used to be 20 useless heroes that were traded in. I’ve traded in some unique heroes, but they would be such depth heroes anyways that their value is minimal to me.

20 heroes I barely use for a new hero who would be a top hero for me (as Loki and Milena have been) is well worth the trade.

I just don’t need it to be that much better. Maybe it’s priority of things I want (generally QOL over anything else).


I don’t expect hand holding, but my first topic was very benign but guys were calling me names and being rude, so i began insulting them back, but then everyone took offense at the insults i was saying to the guys who already insulted me. I don’t start fights but i don’t run from them either. I treat others with respect until they disrespect me. I get called a troll for insulting a guy who called me a names and sensored curse words from one of his 5 replies to my sole initial post. He seems to get away with things i can’t.

Im just asking for a fair playing field, if the trolls do show back up, am i required to let them insult me and spam my topic like they do, or am i allowed to defend myself?

It seems like i have people going to my posts to continue the old discussion and im trying to start a new topic that i don’t have to wait 12 hours to continue the debate.

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Also, repeating a claim is not the same as substantiating the claim. You keep making this claim, but fail to provide evidence to back it up.

Not one of the responses I saw said anything along the lines of “the choices are bad and that is how it should be.”

I don’t know what you expect. Are you looking to see the top heroes like Anne and Aramis there? Hathor too perhaps? While I do not know when you started, I suspect you were not around during the months following the release of Telluria. That was at the time a low point for the game when over 80% of the defenses had the same three heroes and many were largely identical.

Variety is the spice of life they say, and the game at the time had very little and was rather boring and tiresome. SG is trying to avoid this by largely keeping top defensive heroes off the list, wisely I would say.

Or perhaps you want it to be chock-full of the best heroes that aren’t at the very top of the meta. But that runs into a problem too. Heroes are not being repeated for the Soul Exchange. Put all of the great ones in 1 or 2 exchanges, and suddenly you have only the bottom of the barrel ones for future exchanges unless you start including those at the very top, recreating the situation where everyone has the same defense.


From what I read (two or three times through trying to wrap my head around it) in the other thread no one was angrily saying they want awful cards that I could find. Some were salty about your title saying essentially you were quitting and then the post saying you weren’t. Classic clickbait worthy of YouTube there. Others were disagreeing with your assessment that the heroes were that awful. Then it degenerated into schoolyard name-calling.

I agree other SE’s have been better. The first wasn’t, best hero in it by my reckoning was Skadi (who I took). I would prefer Elizabeth over her. I was dismayed when the second had MN and I had no dupes to speak of. But that is just my opinion (and my bad luck).

Frankly the impression I got from it all is that you are incredibly thin-skinned. And like shouting. I hope I am wrong.


I appreciate the advice, but i do see those guys as thugs and we haven’t made up, what wasn’t thug behavior about a dozen guys teaming up to fight with one new guy that they began insulting and being rude to first?

They were toxic too, so should i call them decet gentlemen? Im explaining what i felt, im not saying anyones name either. For them to be offended they must concede that they were the toxic one. Its not an insult unless i name someone, till then it is an observation or opinion.

Im from a different generation, i don’t turn the other cheek, i give you back whatever you gave me. Ill never be sorry about that.

As for the cards debate, i didn’t insult you or belittle your opinions about Kong did i? I was just pointing out that those cards were better when they came out than they are right now. Power creep is pretty insane in this game. The day the various soul exchanges dropped there were much better options on that specific day for every past soul exchange. I understand that you may look at how a card will be in the future. Ok, im saying what im saying still so both our perspectives can be valid. You can love kong and i can find him useless, but that doesn’t make either of us wrong. I still won’t waste that amount of money to get a card i find to be useless. For the price they cost, there should be choices everyone would see as useful.

As for this insult about wanting worse rewards. It was not meant as an insult and im sorry if it offended. Most agreed that this class was at least somewhat less impressive, so if you guys are also arguing that these worse cards are acceptable, how is that not being in favor of worse cards for rewards? These are weaker and everyone is happy they are weaker. Im talking to the guys who feel that way, if you don’t feel they are weaker then we are discussing the other points instead. Im trying to understand the guys who do want weaker choices but im not trying to lump you in with them. I saw one guy somewhere wanted it to even go away completely. I don’t understand that type of mindset and id like to have a debate about that.