How do I copy/quote another’s post?

I was going to start a new thread with another one of my dumb questions but if you answer me here, you can delete it once I’ve thanked you.

How do I copy a part of another member’s post. My responses are usually out of context because I can’t figure out how to do this one simple thing.

Highlight their sentence / paragraph etc and click [Quote]. It will start a new post, with your chosen quote at the top. :slight_smile:


I saw the quote thingy before and didn’t understand it’s function. Thank you.

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You got it! Happy quoting! :grin:

Additionally, reply to a post, and click the first icon ( a speech balloon ) and it will quote the whole post.

Note: you must remove any unneeded parts of the quote, or the forum bot will remove the entire quote. This is to prevent spam bots from posting.

You know I had to test this, right :smile:


Me too. But not 20 times.

Don’t make me quote you :rofl:

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Don’t feel bad @princess1, I’m learning right along with you. Had no idea we could do this, lol

I’ve never been afraid of looking stupid so I don’t mind asking the questions … especially if they help other players!


I hope you don’t think I was making fun of you. I learned it too.

I can handle being made fun of too, no worries :grin:

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