How do I cast the really powerful attack?

Can somebody please help. i have Heroes that are ascended and have 8 Out of 8, for the special skill.

all of hero team have varying amounts of emblems.

But how do I cast the the mega spell I don’t know what the correct term is for it but I mean the one that the enemy use that has as a fancy animation and and does loads of damage.


You are talking about the special. Your hero has to charge up (be hit a certain number of times) in order to fire.

A fast hero will take fewer hits to charge up and be able to fire his/her special more quickly than an average or slow hero.


Once your hero’s little blue bar(mana bar) fills up under their picture, you click the hero and it fires their skill

You fill the bar by making tile matches in that hero’s color



I don’t think you guys understood his question properly. He knows about special skills. He’s asking about “mega” special skills.

And from my understanding, his definition of “mega” special skills are ones with animation; which means the answer to the question is that:

You need a 5 star hero; only 5 star heroes have special attacks with a big animation; they don’t necessarily always do a lot of damage especially if they’re not leveled up, though.


Probly right i dont even pay attention to the animations(or try not to) so everything under 5* lacking animation isn’t somethin that came to mind

Glad u cleared it up


yes yes you nailed my question bang on buddy :+1::+1:

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