How do I beat this?

So as something different from the OP/ nerf threads I thought this might be useful. Post a picture of a defence you fought or hero you struggle against and post screenshot or link to roster on heroplan and see what help can get for putting a team together to beat it.

Starting off. I came up against this in a raid earlier and couldn’t get anywhere…

I dont have a real minion counter yet as still working on Uraeus, and I’m short of darts anyway (last 6 went on Gazelle)

Here is my roster

Is there a team build in there to face it or is it a hard reroll all day long?

Edited to remove mistake thanks Jinbatsu

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That defense has 1 hero that benefits from nearby allies. You can load up as many hit-3 heroes as you want.

Make sure you have at least one dispel for the taunt.


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You means Darts not Scopes right? Best counter is Onyx, SabinaC, Malosi, and Mist. You can try it with Mist, It will shutdown statuses from Sif and Krampus.

@Pompitous , OP doesn’t have any of your heroes bring… :rofl:
I agree hit-3 has great advantadge againts this formation.


Yep I used my Seshat+20 for the dispell

With the various alternative raid formation, and with Siff in the middle, I find myself using often my monopurple team: Rigard, Panther, Alfrike, Kageburado and Ametrine. Yeah, 3 dispellers. I love hitting those kind of defenses.


Hmm ok but of those I only have Rigard

I should have checked first your roster.

I dunno what your attack strategy is. I don’t know your troops. But I guess it’s 3-2 or something. If you gonna go mono, try using Seshat, costumed Sartana, Domitia, Proteus and Rigard. Try making Proteus fire in 9 tiles to staunt the mana progression of them enemy heroes since that is a double raid defense. He should be fine against the riposte in case Siff was able to cast her skills. You may have to sacrifice Domitia to remove the riposte and other buffs. Always target Siff.


If I were to use your roster to defeat this team, I would use a gazelle + green stack.
The real threats are Sif and MN, so first kill Krampus with green tiles, then kill MN with Caedomon, Kingston, Peter, and then remove the buff with Mel when Sif uses the skill.
Heimdall’s revival rate is very low, so I think it’s okay if you defeat Heimdall and Freya in that order at the end.


Thanks for the help peeps. Getting fresh opinions and different view points is great.

@Ultra I am typically a 3,1,1 player mono at times scares me with reducing my tile chances. Proteus is a good shout I could have stuck my best mana troop on him and been ok for beating out Krampus and Heimdall

@nonareeves I had taken a purple stack with the thought of trying to clear Sif first. Wouldnt have thought of using my greens.

@jinbatsu Yes I completely forgot about mist and with none of them being direct damage dealers this would have been a good chance to use her.


Roster doesn’t matter.
If you don’t have hit-3 heroes then you’ll be struggling against more than just that defense…

I killed your bane:

With all 4* and no blems:

Target the 3 spot with a hit-3
A very serious flaw for that formation

Don’t worry about tiles. Just load up hit-3’s and get ready to laugh


Ok but the purpose of this thread is helping people put together teams using their roster. Trying to get away from the numerous “so and so is OP” “Just use xx hero” as opposed to a discussion on how to deal with specific formation which has other threads such as the one you linked earlier.

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Unemblemed 4* :joy: .

All 5*
Max’d troops.
Max’d emblems.

In fact… the first 3 positions mirror the team you couldn’t beat. And I slaughtered it with unemblemed 4*

Rethink team composition for Hit-3
Or don’t…
Good luck

So the post is very clear about what the thread is about even the part you quoted “in there” referring to the roster contents in the posted link. Let’s try and stick somewhat on topic.

This is meant to be a helpful, good natured thread about helping people as opposed to “just do this”


FWIW, against that type of setup, I do stack against Krampus. Like you, I go 3-1-1; however, I would have used a couple of 4* that you haven’t leveled up yet. For example, I would go Kingston, cMelandor, Gobbler, Proteus, Guillinbursti. But, with what you have, substitute Caedmon and Peters… the other option is to stack red since there are 2 green defending heroes, but you kind of lack snipers… Tyr is almost there, and if you have Baldur ascended.

But everyone will have a different opinion.

To be fair those lv 30 troops on Mist and Proteus made them fire in 7 and 9 tiles respectively. Mist getting her special off one turn early (after matching 7 tiles instead of 8) was key to being able to dump so many tiles at them and not having to worry too much.

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I can’t do that on standard or reverse.

I was making the video when @jinbatsu criticize my heroes. So I didn’t see the thread divert into me somehow being “not helpful” or “bad natured” for not holding the OP’s hand all the way to specific heroes. Which is fine by me.
I’m crusty, old and don’t care :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

because I missed the diversion, my perspective was that people are yelling at the waiter because they don’t like how the silverware is arranged. So sue me if I’m the type of waiter to pee in your soup. Just a little. More of a dribble.

But… when I take my blemmed 5* hit-3’s these double formations, taunt or no…
all get nuked.

I get folks are struggling. Lots of them… It’s still fairly new. Troops are a nice supplement. I worked hard on them for the last 6 months.

Mist and Buddy hitting the entire team,
Proteus (another blemmed hero the OP has) shutting down The Entire Team
is infinitely more meaningful than troops.

I can also see how these formation threads might quickly devolve into a Buff thread where people get upset because their favorite hero is getting unfavorable criticism. And lash out to defend their favorite formation.

For me…
I was looking at it almost a year ago:

So… the slight adjustment for smashing double formations was more like simply turning my head.

Anyway… anyone struggling:
load-up hit-3’s and target the 3-position.
If that advice is insulting then so be it.
It still works to an overpowering degree…

It’s less complicated if you look at the defense has 1 hero that gets advantage.
The offense can have 5 if you choose.

I do not have a roaster as big as yours and a few level 12 mana troops and I found this double formation not that hard to bit, of course if I get the right board, I agreed with the posts that suggested using hitting 3 heroes because they will hit a bit harder than the hitting all, also it is a most to have mana control hero, a dispeller for the taunt and reflect, and make as priority to get rid of the hero that revive others before she fires

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Tough nut to crack…Those two green aholes will take turns ressurecting each other… it that hapens, there’s not much to do… if you focus on Krampus, it’s doubtful you’ll manage to kill him before he casts, short of green mono, so you’ll have to dispell him, leaving you vounerable to Sif’s counter and mana boost. If you focus on Sif, Krampus may very well stop you in your traks… if you kill them, they might be rised again by the green duo… oh, and then, there’s loads and loads of minions… this is not a team you take by force, but with wits… and luck… Dispellers, at least one healer, a minion eater would also help… and some damage dealer…

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Well actually that Def is not that Hard cause they rely on normal attack, Counter attack from Sif and Minions attack. Unless it’s war / Tournament.

You just to pick the right Heroes. (2 Dispel) and 1 Grimble / C.Gormek might make it easier.
And just focus Kill Mother North first as her Revive chance is much higher than Heimdall.

I would’ve attacked that team with

Gazelle - seshat - Santana- proteus - Khiona(or Domitia or Merlin.)

Out of 3 attacks… could win one.

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