How Difficult are the Atlantis 'Hard' Levels?

I’m wondering how difficult the ‘hard’ missions are if I start back at level 2-1-1? 7 energy is a lot of energy just to test it out…

My team power is 3082.

Now is the BEST time to test it…as Atlantis missions are reduced cost.
Try S2 P1 M1 on hard. Worst case scenario is you don’t win…

I started Atlantis hard missions with 4* heroes about 3400 TP and did manage to win several stages without it being difficult. But it is based on your heroes . I used healers as I wasn’t sure what to expect and lots of mana /health potions . But that’s me.


The difficulty increases as you go along. I agree with above, test it out and see how far you can go.

I only have emblemed 4*s, and I made it to until around Province 18 before I started needing some items. Even now, I’m in the last 3 provinces. with two healers I need the occasional mana pot or revive scroll to beat the stage.


My experience is that, S2 hard mode, especially in later provinces, is VERY time-consuming. The enemies all have crazy amounts of HP. So you have to whittle them down little by little. Make sure you bring enough potions with you. I always brought at least 2 healers into any fight, and use mana potions to charge them so they can heal. Wilbur played an absolutely vital role. His defense boost and damage share saved my heroes from being one-shot. So yea, test it out in the lower provinces to see how far you can go. Good luck!


I’ve trekked through Atlantis Hard stages with mostly 4* and 1 5*, and even maxed and emblemed, the enemies there seems to be able to dish out more punishment to you than you can with them, especially on the later stages. What I ended up doing was aside from bringing in Wu Kong for potential burst of damage output, I also bring along with me Cyprian, and flanking him with similarly low defense heroes and have the enemies do damages to themselves when they hit the Perfect Riposte active heroes.

Many times, the bosses, who does AOE/splash damage and will end up having damage bounced back to them (sometimes killing themselves). Very satisfying.

Doesn’t always work, especially in the 1st Mob wave and I somehow get single targeted by mob enemies and they ended up killing an essential member (e. g. a healer). But for the most part, this is the team I used.

Boldtusk, Melendor, Cyprian, Gormek (replaced later by Isarnia), and Wu Kong.


Hardness depends of your hero rooster. If you have a wide variety of heroes and are able to pick those best suited for the monsters you’ll meet, it’s easier. Monsters are quite sturdy though, it takes time and planning to get through levels. I play mainly 4*s but luckily I have nice bunch of mana controllers so it helps a lot.

Edit: my team is usually 3800-3900 and if I compare s2 hard to normal raids, I think that it feels like meeting approximately 3600 raiding opponent. Monsters are tougher but there is only 1-3 bosses per level.


I started the first Hard difficulty provinces with a few 4*s and I found it pretty challenging. But it gets more manageable the more 4*s you raise… until you get to around the 20th province lol. Those last 7 are ruthless, still doable but ruthless.

I recommend around 2~3 4* heroes per color, color stacking against minions is the best to clear them quickly and take minimal damage. That way you arrive healthy against the bosses. Items are very helpful, and you’ll want to save them for the bosses. Battle items are all good, antidotes are required against certain bosses, and extra potions don’t hurt either.

Also, pre Hunter’s Lodge, you will want dispellers against certain bosses that buff themselves, trust me you don’t want them hitting you with an attack buff

The best 4* heroes in my opinion that are very helpful in Hard mode:

  • Wu Kong, the tile damage boost helps so so much in clearing the enemies despite the risk.
  • Wilbur, Boldtusk and Kiril, all are sturdy and help keep your team alive while increasing your damage output.
  • Hansel, Gretel, Proteus, Merlin, Peters… any of these heroes that hyper control special skills from bosses, are a massive help.

I agree, Hard mode becomes more doable once you are able to double stack any color. And ever since I started triple stacking, it has been much much easier

Try experimenting with your hero synergy. I like Proteus - Aeron - Lepus - Kiril - Triton for example. Aeron prevents Lepus’ defense debuff, Kiril boosts Lepus’ attack, making Lepus hit like a truck on steroids. Triton also benefits from Kiril’s buff; and boosts Aeron’s healing. Family bonus with Proteus, who is my #1 weapon - I always bring him, always.

double stacking helps increase tile damage, and I only need an occasional health or mana potion to make it through the first stage.

I almost always use a 3-2 color stack.


I agree with everyone above… The first few hard stages were easier than I thought they would be.

Just stack for the bosses and off colour to cover the minions - Good luck!

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Just cleared 1/2 and 1/3 hard with team at just above 3000.
4*s not fully ascended, most in their 4th, specials all maxed.
Not easy, stacked againt main color minions and boss(2-1-1-1) 2 healers. Still barely cleared 1/3(3.dead 1 barely alive 1 halfway).
You got to try it with your best heroes.
Bring liquid health, mana, didn’t use any arrows or such.(always forget about them anyway).
Can be done.
Have fun.

I’ve nade it to 25-8 on Hard using a rainbow team, 4 5* and BT. 3 are healers. Makes the battles long but I can usually get through without using items. War of attrition :smile:

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The hard Atlantis levels are some of the most challenging content in the game. I’ve lost a number of times even with a full team of maxed out 5*s (4200+ team power) because I didn’t bring a properly stacked team or got overconfident in my execution and didn’t give proper respect to some of the late stage bosses. It’s certainly possible to beat with a team of just 4s, but you’ll have to play very carefully. Try to bring a 3-2 or 3-1-1 stack if possible and make sure to set up your board well before the boss fight. Some of them can one shot a single hero from full HP or two shot your entire team with powerful AoE. Good luck!


There’s some key heroes that with a good use and color stacking they can bring you until the end, even without any 5*.

First coming to my mind are:

  • Wilbur. A four color stacking with him, Boldtusk, Falcon and Scarlet can bring you anywhere, even not maxed. 2nd healer (like Rigard) is also a good choice to bring with you

  • Kiril. That 30% defence can totally save the day. Grimm could be a good companion.

  • Riposte guys. Riposte is simply amazing when your opponent is really strong. Place Boril and Cyprian in 2nd and 4th position and just heal yourself.
    No monster in atlantis can heal themself, so watch them destroy themselfs

  • Wu kong. Of course for massive damage Wu is always useful.

  • Proteus. Blocking mana is a blessing, expecially on bosses.

As @Wharflord said, pay respect to the boss and do not enter last stage before preparing the board and specials.
Always fear the worse


For an F2P with just maxed out 3*s they’re incredibly difficult and frustrating. Just lost on 2-1-1 twice

With emblemed 3* heroes the first few provinces are doable, assumed you have the right heroes emblemed.

  • You will definitely need a healer, preferably Belith as she is also a debuffer

  • Spirit link heroes (Gunnar, Kailani) are incredibly useful. Hits that inflict 30 or 40 damage to all are much easier managabele than 300 to a single target

  • Lowering enemies’ attack and defense makes it a lot easier for you. Berden, Valen and Ulmer are thus pretty useful as well. If you are lucky and already got Gill Ra from the Atlantis Coins gained in normal difficulty, she’s a beast (as she does both for you)

  • Take the right items with you, you will definitely need heal and mana potions. Axes/Bombs are great as they inflict damage and lower the enemies’ attack. However, don’t use too expensive items, they are just not worth to be wasted for levels you will soon be able to beat anyway—your first 4* will definitely come rather sooner than later, especially if you already have training camp 13 :slight_smile:

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Actually i use this team for Atlantis hard mode. I am in the 3rd stage so i am non too far in hard mode but some levels are challenging. Still need health bottles. I can still advance that said. For some levels i makre some changes i use kirill instead of hu tao and i use grimm as a tank

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