How did I get attacked 4 times by the same guy?

How did this guy attack four times in a row? I never get more than three times. 3 is the max attacks in a row you can do!

It has been suggested in the past that this could be from the S1 outposts, and you were randomly selected as the owner of an outpost for some other player. If that is the case, they can lose to you forever, but only win once.


If you notice, 2 attacks are listed as ‘2 hr ago’ while the others are more recent at 8 & 6 mins. With around 2 hours between the sets of attacks, it’s possible that your defense team came up as an opponent again.

what is the cool down period? Is it that short?

It is not a cooling period. The higher up you are in any league the less opponents you will have.

I have read there is a cooling period where you will not get the same opponent. I assume the person who said that knew what they are talking about because it makes sense for just the reason you state…if I’m high enough then I could reroll until I found the same person again and start being a bully. I don’t remember how long that period was though, I thought it was longer than a few hours.

Honestly, I don’t know if there’s a cool down period or what it is. I should have phrased my observation to be ‘It may be possible…’. Sorry for any confusion!

Makes sense if there is a cool down so someone can’t be a bully. Or, the rule may be you can attack the same person as many times as you like as long as you reroll and they reappear. So, no immediate re-attacking.

@Kerridoc usually has a lot of this kind of info. Hopefully he can answer :laughing:

Seems odd. I’m guessing that he first tried an attack and revenge then happened to roll you for a new raid, lost, tried again and won.

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Hmmm, if true that must be ultra rare. Like, we’ll never see it again rare. I mean, I think I’ve maybe recognized an opponent from the past, but not hours later. Days or weeks later.

Less rare that that probably, since you’re only paired against people within a few hundred cups of you, rather than against the whole E&P population. It would be fascinating if E&P published population statistics within cup bands.

I see the same names pop up quite often. I don’t always look at the names - more focused on their team - so I’m guessing I hit the more of the same player than what I’m taking note of.

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I remember defeating the same person twice in a few minutes, so I think it’s possible to just roll someone twice. That was right after an update though, so my choices for rerolls were very limited.

The most plausible explanation is the map outpost where a player is selected at random to be the owner of the outpost.
It is counted as normal raid, while the attacking player can try as many times as possible to win the outpost in order to progress on the map.
It could be seen that the attackers lost 3 times before 1 eventual win


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