How develop special skill?

How can we develop special skills of heroes to reach 8 level ? I wish it along with max power but this time it can not. For example, Bane got max power at 50 but the special skill still at 5 level.

Help me.

You can stil feed him heros even when he is at max power at 50. So you will just have to keep feeding him hero’s until he reaches special level 8.

Edit: Don’t feed your 3* with trainer hero’s until at skil 8 if you are doing this.

The best way to get a 3*s special up is to feed 10x 1s at a time. It’s still not guaranteed, but better odds than any other strategy.

As far as I know best chances are obtained using only feeders of the same color as the trained hero, and still better using the same hero as feeder, e.g. feeding bane to bane gives 25% of special improvement, which is summed to contributes of other feeders

Here are the results of using Bernoulli trials calculations, to estimate the likilehood of maxing a 3-Star Heroes skill… Good news is that using 1* heroes for leveling-up a 3* hero is the most effective in increasing the hero’s skill level.

Final Skill Level Color Un-Matched 1* Color Matched 1* CM 1*/2* Color Un-Matched 2* Color Matched 2*
3 2.50% 0.12% 0.33% 1.44% 0.13%
4 9.73% 0.93% 2.28% 6.85% 1.13%
5 18.39% 3.37% 7.32% 15.40% 4.53%
6 22.47% 7.85% 14.65% 21.82% 11.07%
7 19.98% 13.25% 20.40% 21.82% 18.45%
8 26.93% 74.48% 55.01% 32.67% 64.70%

I assumed a 50/50 mix of 1* and 2* heroes for the math.


right, because using a 2* more than doubles xp, but only doubles special increase chance, so the improve special/gained xp ratio is worse with 2* feeders.
Nice observation!

Sorry but isn’t there an error in your table. Color Matched 1* is 74.48% but CM 1*/2* is 82.42% for reaching the 8th skill level?

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You will have the best chance if you single feed color matched 1* heroes.

Exception: 4 heroes of the same kind as levelled hero which gives a 100% chance to improve special skill.

As already mentioned you can still feed maxed out heroes to improve their special. ( If you can afford it. )

feeding 1 hero at a time, or 2 or 10 doesn’t make any difference, you can see it this way: if you feed 1 1* hero you have a 1/100 probability to increase special, so on average you’ll increase your special by 1 every 100 1* feeders. If you feed 2 1* heroes together the probability is 2/100, which means you’ll increase by 1 the special every 50 trainings on average: 50 x 2 heroes each = 100 heroes. The math doesn’t change if you try with 3, 4 or 10. The only exception is when you overflow, going for probabilities higher than 100% using several feeders equal to the trained hero, which is counter productive, cause the probability excessing 100% is wasted.

@alcaselzer Almost, but not quite. The symmetric “no difference” result is because, feeding 7 heroes singly, you might get a special increase from each one. Or six increases, or five, or four, or three, or two, or one. Whereas feeding them as a group, you can at best get one increase.

But as you get closer to maxing the skill, the math changes a bit. For example, if you’re at skill level 7, you can’t get two bumps up. In this case, cluster feeding decreases the variance and, so, is the recommended approach.


The guaranteed way to level special of a lvl 50 bane is to feed him with 4 duplicates of him at once which will give 100% chance to level up, or 3 dupes bane plus 7 yellow 2 star. Repeat this 3 times, then you’ll get him max. I did this to belith, 6/8 to 8/8 and it saved me from wasting more feeder heroes.

In terms of variance you are right, but another way of reasoning is about resolution: if you are at level 7 and feed one hero at a time any hero can be the last one, even the first one, so a player feeding 1 hero at a time has a finer resolution, he doesn’t use any hero more than strictly needed. If you feed 10 heroes, at least 9 of those are always wasted. So in the end is a matter of taste I think, if you prefer higher sampling rate or lower noise

Yes thanks… I had some trouble when i converted the table from excel to html and did not catch that… anyway, my 2* assumptions were:

Chevron xp Req'ed Exact used
1 9528 2.941 3
2 15105 4.662 5
3 25285 7.804 8

So at a 50/50 mix, you get 3,240 xp and a 30% chance per feeding 10 1/2* heroes. I used a total of 10 10x feedings and did the math at the following calculator

A bit off topic: is there on this forum a thread that collects the amount of xp for each hero tier to reach max levels for each ascension step? or even the detailed xp needed for each hero level up, a formula maybe?