How could be possible in Guardians of Teltoc?

How can it be possible a guy Score 5th place on the event Guardians of Teltoc with ONLY 3 Heroes of light ( two with 2* and one 3* ) …

Please explain me…

After he finished his winning runs, he went through one more level with a decoy team to hide what he actually used


Really… Who bothers with it… But ok i respectivo…

Why hide it when there’s 4 people are ahead of him? I thought the game only show defense team.

Some players do this after they complete the events. The events show the event team used normally.

The 5th place person doesn’t want the 6th place person to know what he used or else he will try to use those same heroes to score higher than he did.


Actually don’t have to spend energy.

Change team, click exit, click save change.

You can do this on Titans also so you don’t forget to change from your blue titan to your yellow titan for example.


I like how the top scorers like P.Ness, @Kerridoc, and @Xero786 share their builds. It helps those of us who have started recently to manage our rosters for future challenge events. Gratz btw guys :+1:

It’s not like everyone will have the required heroes if you show the build… And if they did, they would have used them anyways.

I managed to stay within the 2k position in epic and finished legendary easily with half-baked Boldtusk, Wilbur, Proteus, with maxed Colen & Tibs. Pulled 2 Falcons so I know who to level next for the next Guardians event.


You’re welcome. I am always happy to share what knowledge I have here on the forums. I have to give a shout-out to @Wharflord and @Xero786 for their pioneering techniques.

If you really want to see this approach in detail, please hop over to Wharflord’s YouTube channel for his “how I won rare” video.

The 7DD family is committed to sharing knowledge and improving gameplay across the community. I’m proud to have carried our banner victoriously today, along with Zero.


In essence it doesn’t matter because 99% of the community doesn’t have the heroes, money, skill, time, or energy to compete at the highest level.

It matters to some person that wants to stay in the top 10 apparently, me and you don’t care to shoot for top 10.

I gave up on 3* as some point realizing even top 10 in rare isn’t really much of a reward.

Can you please delete the pictures? Pat is a fabulous player who really doesn’t appreciate being put in the spotlight like this. He is free to hide his strategy if he wishes, it’s not a cheat of any kind.

Ahhhh… One should always set a goal… With time, top 1000, top 100, or even top 10 is achievable.

But that’s just one of many challenges in the game… The real target for many is to bring down the 7Ds…MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

And of course, if you can’t beat them, join them… :laughing:

Hmmmm… Getting way off topic here…:thinking:

Agreed but again that’s a small percentage compared to the mass. I’d only assume reaching top 10 requires a lot of dedication and patience for that right (perfect) boards to get that best score possible. I’d imagine quite a few flasks are consumed as well. Better to be lucky than good maybe lol

How about reduce the duration of the event so you don’t have much time to repeat levels? Wouldn’t change my finish at all since I don’t replay levels, just looking to finish and get the base AM.

I’m curious how much money the top 10 pay for WE, if anything?

I don’t buy flasks and have 50+ accumulated… it’s not always about money

The least thing most people know is that Pat is one of the few F2P player that ranks, have little-to-no special heroes, and extremely limited resources to advance during events. But rather being congratulated for the hard work, there is instead a post created soley on petty things like not showing there team. If a player wants to hide there team then they sure have the right to do so since the game allows for it to be the case. Can the images be removed since there’s no foul play whatsoever?

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Sorry, Pat chose to put those images out into the game. I don’t think it’s out of bounds to post them here.

Just thought I’d post Dudes from 7D departed posted 5th place team from Epic. Quite amazing how the Dude got 5th with a team of 2 Gunnar’s and a friar tuck.

Appearantly not all 7D players are as altruistic as previously stated.

Actually not really intending to call out Dude, actually just pointing out that disinformation is a part of the game. For that matter, how do we know the all dark or fire teams were the real teams the others played? We really don’t.

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You’re right, we don’t. All I can affirm is that my team is the one I actually used.

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