How come I am getting no costumes at the costume summit. Either give me my costumes or refund my money

I am getting no costumes at the costume summon. The game is ripping me off. I want a refund because I definitely didn’t get what I paid for.

Did you summon Victor, Vanda, Francine or Frank? Because those are the only ones with costumes in this Morlovia portal. Vlad, Jack, and Valeria were not given costumes.


Or did you summon Gravemaker, Seshat or Alberich from the Tavern of Legends? Those three are the only ones who were given costumes in this portal.


Would be a good addition to fill your post with screenshots to give us an idea what you are talking about.
The recent activity log would be a good option.

As @rebelsouljah already said, it’s not the costume chamber that is currently running, it is the tavern of legends. Therefore, at this portal, are only three costumes available.


Summon portals results are Random and there is no guarantee that u will get what they featured. U can ask SG to refund money u spent if u feel you are not satisfied with what u got but in return you will get negative gem balance and after some they will suspend account if gem balance is negative.

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Currently the costume chamber is not active in summons portal.

The costumes currently available are in Morlovia (4 hero costumes) & Tavern of Legends (3 hero costumes). You can check the details in the respective summons portal.

Any other heroes heroes you may have pulled whose costumes are not available will come without their costumes.

Screenshots of current pulls will be useful to understand you situation better & if you still feel something is missed, you can easily write to SG via your game app & they respond fairly fast to sort out issues.

Trust this clarifies all your confusion.


Plus also, just because you did a summoning doesn’t guarantee you’ll ‘win’/summon a hero you wanted. It’s akin to buying a lottery ticket; you have a * chance * of winning, but it’s not guaranteed you will.

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I feel that this person only came back after a 3 year hiatus, and doesn’t know how portals with costumes work

Are you trying to tell me your 15th Bane, Brienne, Belith. Tiburtus or Carver wasn’t a wicked deal? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Costumes v4.2

To be fair, costumes v4.2 are complicated

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Merciless RNG

Welcome to Merciless RNG


SGG does not promise you a costume ( see notes )


SGG could mention all heroes do not come with costumes


Several players have suggested merging Costume Chamber and Tavern of Legends ( see notes )


SGG is a no refund company

If you do get a third party refund, your account will be shut down ( see notes )


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Especially because Tavern costumes are all past 5* HotM and both summons include Classic 3* / 4* / 5* heroes so there is zero costume overlap but huge amounts of hero duplication



Self regulating industries ( the bare minimum actions to avoid censure )

Negative Gems



I just want a Lianna or costume Rigard… My SG experience would be complete. :laughing: How many glass canons like Elena could a person want? :rofl:

The Costume Portal is every-other-month. There was no Costume Event/Portal this month so there will be one in November. If you pull from the Costume Portal (Masquerade) you are guaranteed to receive costumed heroes. They may all be vanilla 3*'s but they will all have costumes at the very least!

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