How close are you to owning all of the 5* in the game? (Currently 171 heroes total)

I have one question…why??? Thats tens of thousands of dollars if not more in pulls

I have 8/128 (Have, not miss…):
Telluria, Glenda, Rangir, Rana, Elena (+costume), Joon, Obakan and Justice.

4/8 of the above are Holy…

3/8 are maxed: Telluria, Joon and Obakan.

I have but not including duplicates
5* - 49 from 128 with only 20 individuals maxed and 20 waiting at 70/3
4* - all x 2 with 20 individuals maxed
3* - all x 2 with only 10 left at almost maxed, the rest are of both sets are maxed.

11 of 128 in 16 months. Last 3 months no 5* hero. This year only 1 HotM. İ guess i am the most unlucky one.

UPDATE, that was latest Valhalla is Gefjon… so now it should be 129 because Odin is released.
EDIT: updated the tittle :sunglasses: :smile:

So who am I missing? Hmmm…

Avalon: BK
Guardians: Chameleon, Kong and Owl
Grimforest: Red Hood
Wonderland: Hatter and Jabberwock
Morlovia: Vanda
Sand Empire: Yunan, Roc
Springvale: Killhare
Xmas: EDITED: now Krampus only LOL
Pirates: Everyone except Finley
S3: Skadi, Alfrike, Fenrir, Bera, Gefjon, Odin, Lady Loki
HOTM: Athena, Hel, Anzogh, Delilah, Onatel, Thoth, Persus

I counted about 94 5* heroes that I have.

Not bad at all.

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I am missing 32 of them to have them all.

At least I have all HOTM since it started. :smile:


I would actually be more fearful of who you DO have :slight_smile:

Keep getting the same 5* $ 300 on the last pull. so I’m fine with the same one’s I guess. The game isn’t in my favor.I have 107 5*mostly duplicates.

Interesting to actually count what I had…

Which is 40 unique 5* and I have 21 of those fully ascended.

Including dupes I have 51 in total.

I’m never going to collect all them Pokemon’s but I don’t think I’ve done overly bad.

I have 73 different 5* heroes. Only 32 of which are maxed so far. I have all the classic season 1 5*’s and 26 HOTM’s. I didn’t start playing until March of 2018 though so I don’t have the earlier ones.

I have only one non-S1 non-HOTM 5* – Ariel
I have four HOTM 5* – Aeron / Gregorion / Malosi / Glenda
I have all but one S1 5* – missing Magni
I have two 5* Costumes – Sartana and Elena

24 unique 5* in 33 months of playing.

That is probably as close as I’ll get to all of them :rofl:


That was me, interested in collecting. I’m definitely coming to the ending of that though as the collection part will never end lol

Definitely agree with you. Though currently I only need Onyx and Mica. Though Loki will be out by the end of the month

Well, as of today. I have them all. I can at least say I had them all at one point.


Sweet mother of God, do you have your roster somewhere online to show ? Would love to see it

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seriously though, not trying to be snarky or rude, but… well… wow. i mean, what even are the odds of getting all of them? so yeah… would love to see a screenshot.

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that is quite an understatement :stuck_out_tongue: like… wow!

Origin Have Available Percent Desc
Season 1 16 20 80,00
Season 2 3 10 30,00
Season 3 1 15 6,67 Latest: Odin
Event Challenge 5 30 16,67 Latest :Ninja
Seasonal 3 12 25,00 Latest: Krampus
HOTM 22 43 51,16 Latest: Reuben
Tavern of Legends 0 1 0,00 Latest: Myztero
Total 50 131 38,17

Update: plus Reuben and Krampus, so currently 131 total.


Just checked. 77 out of 130. I’ll take it. Have all Season 1 (finally nabbed Justice from TC20 a few months ago), have most of the HotM (just missing a few from early on). It’s season 2/3 and the events that I am lacking in bulk.

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