How close are you to owning all of the 5* in the game? (Currently 153 heroes total)

This is a good thing to ponder about…

Would be a shame if E&P decides to suddenly fold in the near future especially to those who has spend thousands in this game.

Not too long ago I stumbled across someone on the net… selling his E&P account for $2,000. Not sure if there’s any taker… but the guy’s roster is scary though not even close to be comparable to @Dengar88880. The reason he wants to sell his account is because he can no longer allocate anymore time for the game. And he mentions… the price he put is merely 1/5 of the total amount he had spent in this game. He just wanted to recover 1/5 of his ‘investment’.

Imagine that… 1/5 of $2000… that’s a whopping $10,000 for a game (if what he says is true though).

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I have been in the top 50 locally (US) and top 300 globally and don’t have near that many 5*. And that was without makng a real push using only 6 flags from the normal set no flasks. And as soon as you log off it drops very fast…LOL.
Only ones I have max are Mitsuko, Joon, Magni, Lianna, Domitia. I do have all the S1 4* but not all are maxed and some are at +20. S2 I have only Mitsuko and events I only have Peters who I got from a free coin pull last Pirates.

I do have another Magni, Justice x2, Richard, Kadilen, Horghall, Khagan, elena, Vivica, Obakan and Isarnia at various levels. And I have enough to take at least 1 of each color up to 4.80. I only really want Sartana, Marjana, Leo and to lesser extent Elkanen. I love Quintus artwork as a chemist he is great and he is purple, my favorite color but his SS suxxxx.

I hope the hero academy let’s us trade S1 for S2 and HOTM at least or a lot of people will suddenly have a lot of food. No sense trading a few 4* for a S1 5* that most likely have.

This will ilkely get pulled you can’t mention anything about doing what you mention even if you aren’t saying to do it…the S word. It is against the TOS as I found out…

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Oh and wouldn’t it be quaint if…

The person spends that $2,000 dollars to purchase the game account, only to get banned by E&P and be unable to use it, as it is a direct violation of the terms of service.

Seriously… don’t even think about it folks.


I see… thanks for letting me know.

Unfortunately I have no idea how to remove my own post. Hope admin can help with that.

I’m very sorry for the trouble caused…

It is indeed against Small Giant’s ToS to sell accounts. It’s also against forum rules to post information that could inspire or provoke someone to break the ToS.

That means we can still talk about it, so long as it’s not encouraged :slight_smile: That also means no information that leads someone to break ToS. I don’t believe @Kusanagi87’s post to be encouraging anybody to break ToS, so I’ve left it.

Besides the Terms of Service though, selling, sharing and buying accounts can have many dangers to yourself. In particular, the seller described above could be lying about the price, and could’ve used stolen credit cards or just be in it to collect and steal your personal data:

Bottom line, never buy/share accounts.


The little dots next to ‘reply’

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All of big spenders thank you for financing this game in the name of us F2P and C2P.


Oh ok yea those odd heroes are fun to use some times not always easy to understand the best use or mix though

Geez, and here I was earlier today all excited because I pulled Azlar from TC20 which means I’m only 3 short of the TC20 5* set.

I only have 3 non-TC20 5*.

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Im only concerned about collecting the s1 5*

The rest is a joke to me.

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Sigh Azlar is the bane of my existence. I have pulled him 7 times.

I’m 4 short myself…

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So out of the S1 5* who is the best tank? My non-S1 5* are Aeron, Gregorion, and Ariel.

In S1 I’m missing Thorne (:laughing:) Magni (:frowning_face:) and Leonidas (:no_mouth:)

I"m very close to own them all!
Just missing 56!!


I only have 7 legendary heroes, and only 5 of them are maxed:
Vivica +7
Sartana +6
Marjana +7
Domitia +1
Azlar maxed
Thorne 2/60
Obakan 2/60

So I’ve got a long way to go lol

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At least you maxed the right ones :rofl:

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Not even close to owning them all. My only five stars are Kingston and Leonidas.


All TC 20 heroes.

Did you get them all from TC 20?

I got all from tc20 except Vivica. She was from a lucky atlantis coin pull.

I got aife

My new over power tank


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