How close are you to owning all of the 5* in the game? (Currently 131 heroes total)

Level 62 and I don’t even have all of the season one 5*s haha.

Off the top of my head I need

And Richard

I only ever get duplicates of the others from TC20, even if I run 3!

In a word, how close am I to owning all the 5* in the game: Not.

I am still missing several S1 heroes, and have exactly one event 5*, and 7 HotM (four copies of one of those…)

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Owning ALL the 5*s in the game?

And here I was happy when I finally (after like 16 months of playing) completed all the VANILLA /S1 4*s!

Anyway, after 2 years and 2 months of playing I am still missing five of the vanilla 5*s (Lianna, Vivica, Quintus, Khagan, Thorne). On the other hand I have 3 Joons and 3 Richards :slight_smile:


I’m so close! How many are there in game again? Then I need them all minus a few :smile:

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Here is mine…

Origin Have Available Percent Desc
Season 1 13 20 65,00
Season 2 3 10 30,00
Season 3 1 14 7,14 Latest: Gefjon
Event Challenge 3 30 10,00 Latest: Ninja
Seasonal 3 11 27,27 Latest: Haloween
HOTM 21 42 50,00 Latest: Glenda
Tavern of Legends 0 1 0,00
Total 44 128 34,38

So total 34%.
EDIT: Added Tavern of Legends


I counted 128 available Heroes.
26 Fire, 24 Ice, 26 Nature, 28 Dark and 24 Holy.
(Maybe you forgot Myztero…)

I got 52 (40,6%).
Nice colour distribution (Fire-Ice-Nature-Dark-Holy):


LOL I only have 15 unique legendary heroes. So I’m at less than 10%.

It’s all good though, I’ve only been playing for 2 years. 18 years from now, I will have them all!

Except for the new ones they release between now and then… but I should be able to pick most of them up in the next 20 years after that.


Can you also calculate from origin?
I will calculate from color.

Oops you correct! Myztero does not have categories origin! :sweat_smile:
I will update.

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Myztero origin is Legends Summon (Tavern of Legends).

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Forget them! You’ll be the cool guy with all the neat “vintage” ones!

I have 16 unique 5*. 11 maxed. I hate being so painfully close to having all of them and falling just short like this.



Wow. That’s tough, I am pretty far away:

At least 1/3 of the total available 5* heroes.

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I counted 67/128. Most this year from my spending. Before that about 15. Lol. Missing all from Christmas, fables and ninja. A smattering of the rest. Only event that I have everyone is Halloween. Now ascension mats.:weary::weary::weary:
18 maxed 5* and 20 @3/70

Nowhere close! :laughing:

I currently have 29 unique 5* heroes.

16 season 1 heroes which make up a little over half of my 5* roster.
2 season 2 heroes.
2 seasonal heroes, both of which are Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:
9 HoTM! I’ve been playing for 22 months now and whilst they havn’t always been the ones I wanted I still consider myself lucky to have them.

No season 3 or event heroes yet. One day maybe…

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I’ve got 28, so only another 100 to go!! I’ve been playing for 28 months, so got a nice average! 22 maxed.

18/20 season 1 (missing Magni and Quintus - running 3 TC20s and will start HA10 around March so would expect to get them eventually lol )

1 Atlantis, 1 seasonal, 2 event and 6 HotM (I’ve definitely been lucky with HotMs)

Doing much better with 3*s though, only missing guardian bat

5*: 50 of 128 for 39%.
4*: 55 of 61 for 90%.
3*: 52 of 53 for 98%.

Colored squares I have… Bold font are maxed.
% means costume available: white I have, black I don’t.


Dare I ask, is your collection close to complete?

I have almost all of them. Oh, wait! 5*? Not 1*!? :thinking: :roll_eyes: :crazy_face:

I am at 40 uniques out of 128. I will say, HA has been nice in helping me get ones I didn’t have. However, it’s only returned S1 heroes so far.

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