How can you get old Heroes of the month?

Just wondering do they have a special event where all old heroes of the month are in a Summoning and can get them, or how can i get some of the older ones ?

I only started halfway through last month and I have Margaret and Ranvir, but they are both pretty average for 5* heroes and i dont have any other ones at all and really would like a couple of the older ones or at least a chance at getting them.

Two old ones are available each month in Atlantis. Thats the only way right now


Dam, so thats the only way then ? If so that really sucks. And are the 2 heroes random so its not the oldest ones that come back just any ?

2 are featured in Atlantis. No way of knowing before it starts which 2 will be available. They pick 2 of different colors to be featured


It’s not necessarily random. There’s a thread out there on Atlantis that guesses the next ones based on patterns.

This month it’s likeky to be Gregorian and Athena as old HotM, with Tarlak and Mitsuko. That was from beta.

Pretty good Atlantis IMO as all 4 are strong legendaries.


So are these just guesses and not confirmed or are these correct most of the time ?

Last I heard they were guessing on the patterns. Have they confirmed the patterns now? If so, can you tag me in that thread or link it her?

So if you do a 10 draw, do you get past HOTM as bonus draws, or one of the 10?

One of the 10 for past HOTMs. Still a chance for a Bonus Draw of the current one

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They were guesses before.

Then in beta the Atlantis portal had Hel, Inari, Ursena, Gravemaker. Then another version in beta was shown with Gregorian, Athena, Tarlak, Mitsuko.

Last Atlantis matched the first beta portal exactly. Therefore a lot of us expect that this month will indeed match beta as well and have Greg, Athena, Tarlak and Mitsuko.

That’s the thread about Atlantis. It’s huge so you’ll have to scroll to the bottom to get relevant info but I’ve spelled it out for you already at this for the upcoming portal. Stay tuned to that thread for guesses about July. There has no new beta info on Atlantis portals I don’t believe so it may have to go back to guessing.

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