How can war participation level be less than 100% with full participation?

Can someone please explain to me why my war participation level is now 73% instead of 100%?

I searched the forums, but couldn’t find an answer to this question with the consideration of these facts.

  • I’m with the same alliance for more than 270 days.
  • I never have missed a war.
  • I always use the six flags.
  • I never used the opt-out.
  • our alliance lost the previous war.

Thank you.

Have seen this before with an alliance member in our alliance.
Logging out and back in solved this. (maybe reboot from phone also but not sure there) So was just a bug that didn’t show correct figure then.
Please try this and check if this helps you too.


You were absolutely right. I started new and it says now 100%. Thanks very much for your swift response. :smile:



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