How can I use the Ham I have stored in my Training Camp?

For a long time after every building has been upgraded, I couldn’t find a way to consume the ham produced everyday so as recruit. Then I started putting them in one of my TC, till today…

Like this:

The problem is the number is still climbing up, any idea of using them instead of throwing away?


Depends on what mats you have. Start another TC on level 19 and use the recruits and food from this TC until you run out of mats.

You can also push a crtain color with another TC Level which needs different mats.

One of my 2 TC20’s has approximately the same amount of food and recruits stored.
But it will go down when Atlantis rising is over and I find the time to change the second TC20 around.

Thank you Elayanith.

As you said, it depends on mats. I’ve already used up the backpacks and clothes for TC2 and TC19 for several times, a certain color feeder would be a way.

if you are in competitive alliance , produce Harpoon should take all of your food instantly

leveling mandatory *4 hero for war bench ( in ex 6x proteus , 6x rigard ) also need foods , i wonder if you already did everything

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lol look here

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Leveling your troops can use a lot of ham.

Harpoons need a lot of iron as well which I’m always short of…

troops use a lot of ham, but you need feeders first, don’t you? I fed 1* 2* troops as soon as I got them.

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