How can I tell if it is a ban or a glitch?

Has anyone else had this happen? Suddenly and without any warning nor explaination, my chat posts will not show in game chat. I don’t know what I’ve done. I’ve submitted a ticket.

This is not a discussion about disciplinary actions, to my knowledge, none have been taken. I was merely wondering if this is something that has happened to others and how to go about fixing it besides submitting a ticket.

There is nothing in my email, nothing in my ingame inbox and no red text stating that I have been banned(many who have been actually banned have attested to this appearing). Therefore, I can only assume it is a glitch.

I’d like to establish a dialog about this and if my post violates any code of conduct, please let me know and I will edit it. Don’t just flag it…that’s cowardly. Have some honor.

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Like only system messages show up? Pics would help.

When I type something, it shows for me but no one else. If I click on another room (off topic, peer support, etc) and come back, it is gone

I noticed that at times theres delays in chat. Like people will all of a sudden answer a questiin that was asked a minute ago.

Is this also the same for when you speak in alliance chat?

Seriously? My last thread was hidden due to violating code of conduct. I failed to notice discussions of that nature were prohibited and that’s my bad.

I tried to word it more constructively and generate a discussion about this. Your behavior is disgraceful Boolz

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Nimble! The same thi g happened to me hun!
I sent a ticket and they replied with th my report list

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I think your problem is pretty clear. You are annoyed and upset. You are displeased at the reception here.

I’ll solve it for you.

Stick to alliance chat within your alliance.
Find another chat room on another dark corner of the web, or within a non-E&P application.

Why does this solve the problem? Less negativity.

Personally I find general chat aggravating on a good day, I can’t imagine how off-topic chat is. I cannot understand why someone would fight so hard to stay in it.

I think you are missing the issue. I enjoy the chat more than I enjoy the game. I have lots of great people I have met there and most of my LINE friends came from E&P.

I am trying to determine if this is in fact a ban or a glitch/bug. I have received no information to indicate the former so I come here attempting to tap into the community’s knowledge.

Your solution of go somewhere else is not only not constructive but fails to address the issue. If it is a ban, I will accept it but there is something off about it. It doesn’t follow the same path that a ban normally does and I wish to know more.

Somehow this offends people and I simply cannot understand why. This is a discussion about whether this is a glitch or a ban. I don’t want to know the whys or the hows if it is a ban.

If you don’t have anything constructive to add to this topic, just move on. I’m not looking for a flame war. I’m looking for information from other people who have had this problem. If it turns out to be a glitch, it won’t go away without being addressed. Bans are acceptable. I’m sure when they finally email me I will know for sure but for the moment, I’m trying to find out more.

Whether or not you find game chat enjoyable is irrelevant to this topic.


Since I have at least graduated kindergarten, the issue is hard to misinterpret or ignore.

When you post on a public forum, you unfortunately run the risk of people chiming in with things that you feel are unhelpful.

I’m allowed to add in my personal thoughts at the end of any post. It’s just going to happen and it is relevant to the topic because it is yet another way of posing the question “How worth it is it to you,” which you have since elaborated about your concerns.

My solution is absolutely a valid one, even if it is out-of-the box thinking. It is not an issue for me if you fail to accept or validate my solution as one you should select.

At some point, you have to make the choice to keep beating your head against the wall, or to stop and maybe use the open doorway and head in a different direction. You’ve mentioned you have dealt with this before. I just have better ways of entertaining myself. Y’know like talking to a brick wall named Jack be Quick.

I actually would send support ticket for this, since I think, no-one here can actually help you with this. Maybe they can tell, if you have been banned or if it’s a bug or something else.

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You can dress it up with whatever pompous logic you feel is necessary but at the end of the day, I’m just trying to have a discussion while you are reminding the world why you probably don’t have many friends.

In an attempt to get this back on topic I will state once again, This is a discussion to see if anyone else has had this problem, and how it was resolved. This is not a rant, a complaint, or a invitation for douchebags to try to impress us with how smart they think they are at the expense of others.

Peace and love

P.S. Thanks Lulu, I sent a ticket already and hopefully will have this resolved. After the weekend.


I dunno honey. I think your generalized demeanor on these boards is unpleasant so far. This reply of yours can stand without retort.

Reminder to everyone to dial back the snark and post constructively. Thank you.


Thanks Rook, I’m done being snarky :slightly_smiling_face:

DJ…I’m just going to sit here in stunned silence for awhile. Lol

Sorry I don’t understand.

I just received my ban letter today and it is indeed a 30 day ban.

Any moderator May delete this thread. I apologize for bringing it here. As I’ve said, I wasn’t sure if it was a ban or a glitch. Now I know. Have a great week everyone

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