How can i see which players do best on flanks and in corners?

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Is there somewhere a list where i can see which heroes perform good in corners and on flanks? I know the 7dd list, but can i see there which heroes will do good on flanks and corners?

And if a hero must be on left or right flank or corner?

Important buffers/debuffers should stay left if possible: AI start casting specials from left to right.

For flank & corner you could see how your attacked teams works :stuck_out_tongue:


There are many things at play here, including the general strategy of your defense team, what heroes you choose, and what bracket you are fighting in. I can try to break out some of the tactics I’ve read and used. How to mix and match these together is the difficult part and there are many ways to be effective.

A basic strategy is to put buff removers & attack buffers further left. In your defense, your heroes fire left to right and you’ll want to remove or buff before your other heroes fire.

As far as strategy goes in Diamond raids:
Fast Mana Heroes- Very effective in corners (left or right), they charge quick enough on their own without getting hit by tiles and help your defense much earlier hopefully before the raid is already decided. Fast is good anywhere.

Average Heroes- I find these best placed as center or flank. On the corners they aren’t powerful enough or fire early enough to be effective. They can essentially be ignored for most the raid.

Slow Heroes- Isarnia & Azlar, etc can be placed anywhere, including corner. The damage is large enough that it can finish a raid single handedly if it goes off late game or early, but either is a gamble if they will survive. If you use them in corner, make sure you have multiple “high priority targets” (Alby, Zeline, etc.) so they have a better chance of survival and your attacker has too many targets to deal with. But if alone I believe you can work around the slow Mana by placing them flank or center. Tanky slow heroes should only be placed center or flank.

Alberich is one of the best left corner heroes. You want him to ressurect your heroes, and they will be able to fire after him in the same turn. Put him far left always (or flank left).

I hope this helps you least a little. There are so many heroes and combinations and theories that we could cover.

-2Spookd :ghost:
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Which position for Alberich is better - left corner or left flank?

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