How can I lose 55 cups?

Just for my information… how can I lose 55 cups. I never win more than 50

Allready happened to me my friend if your rival has a lot less team power then you you will lose many cups

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It’s a revenge, so the other person lost a bunch of cups before taking the revenge, giving them more than would be possible on a regular raid.

Based on cups, not team power.
Answer to @VFROOD : on a normal matchmaking, you can only get matched by a 260 cup difference, that nets you +50 on the far end. However if you get to attack someone that is more tham 260 cups above of you(usually by revenge), you get more. Up to +60.


About a month ago 1 player attacked my stronghold and lost only one point! (+60/-1)

If the player had successfully raided my stronghold it would have been minus 60 for me!

I browned my pants looking at that one


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It happens quite a lot to me, both winning and losing.

If you regulary gain much more cups that your defense can sustain, this kind of things is pretty common.

People stealing from me 50+ on revenge and i steal 50+ cups sometimes revenging too.

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Lol. I discovered after my posting that i changed the defence team whilest having a green titan to 1 yellow and 4 reds giving 3500 hp … instead of the 5* rainbow team giving 3950 hp… So yeah my defence couldn’t sustain that :smiley:

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