How can i login to my acc on new mobile?


Please helpl my acc is DarkSizer_Pl


From the FAQ:

(If you get stuck, there is a link at the bottom to contact Game Support directly.)


Dear Support, I’ve logged in on my iPhone and lost all progress, unfortunately IPad, which I was playing, is not working anymore, so I cannot check the account anymore… can you help me to restore it? Login is Bezvan


Try here:


Unfortunately I cannot provide my account number, that one starting with #, so cannot send a request via that page:( Hope Support still can help, otherwise dead iPad and lost account a little bit too much;)


Have you tried:

In the subject line, state that you don’t have your account number. In the body of the email, explain why.

Good luck!


If you were logged to game center with the ipad then logging on iphone with same game center account will copy your progress. If you did not sign into iPad with game center then you won’t get the progress. Might be that even support can’t help with you.

Did you have ipad backups? Buy a new ipad or try to borrow one to restore the backup and get your progress back that way.