How can I find a specific player or specific team?

I swept off my iPad screen while in chat and got removed from my alliance. How can I find them again? I’m not sure how the team name is spelled. It was a full team and I’m not finding it in searches. One person on chat said if I joined his team he would tell me how to find them. Right. I tried to join on the off chance that was true, but I couldn’t join either. I could just view. I’m confused. Please, help.

Are you sure you didn’t get kicked? Or if you swiped off maybe you’re in general chat and just look up at alliance tab. You don’t just get removed. As for finding hem you can’t find individual player but you can find he alliance even if full. Try putting less letters in search and maybe when you get back in join line or discord so you have outside contact


Firstly, welcome to the forum.

If you don’t know the name of your alliance, I’m not sure how anyone can help you? :woman_shrugging:. Perhaps if an alliance mate is a forum user maybe tagging them? GL

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