How can I contribute to the EnP Wiki?

As per the title, how can I contribute to updating this resource?


I think a good chunk of the tiny icons for hero pages need to be replaced with a simple icon of 3* heroes with (3/50), 4* heroes with (4/70), and 5* heroes with (4/80), all without the emblem nodes. I think a lot of people already work fast to create new pages, though they could use some tweaking in some of the information.

I’ve also been trying to update the status effects page with icons that’s currently in the game. Idk how the peeps before managed to get them but all of the ones I’ve been trying to get are transparencies.

And I think some of the boss pages for the S3 bosses Ymir, Surtur, and Nidhogg, might need updates to help people who want to know best strategies: heroes, battle items, and methods of negating the bosses’ attacks. These are the immediate things I can think of.

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I’ve got all the heroes’ tiny icons/portraits. I’ll get going on editing those in. Is there a trick to having them show up on the category page? Example: I just added the Magic Tower heroes but they still show as the previous place holder image…

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I think the wiki updates them eventually. I wouldn’t worry about the category pages for now.

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The wiki isn’t actually controled/ updated/ associated with SGG, but is instead a fan based thing…

My understanding of the wiki’s is that anyone can contribute, you just need to create an account and you can then go from there. Most changes are reviewed by a content moderator before going live tho…

Think it’s this button:


As always, your work/help is much appreciated!

As @Guvnor mentioned that is a fan based page.
I am a member there too, and earlier I made some edits there.

I think you can look over the page, and check if you see that something is missing.
You can complete what is missing or if it is updated. (Eg: a hero buffed, and the page contains the old stats, etc…)

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