How can Bane kill 5 heroes with 1 hit?

I just started a new war, where I am the only player in my alliance. I was actually matched up against another 1 player alliance. (Usually it is 28 vs.1, or something similar) This opponent only used 3 heroes for defense, and one of them was Bane. When his hero Bane was charged up for the attack, he killed all 5 of my heroes with one hit! How is this possible? I too have Bane, but mine can only attack one hero at a time…what am I missing here? And just to be clear, there was no arrow attack, in case anyone wants to reply with that as the answer.


Bane could have been charged but you got killed by arrows:
Arrows deal 25% of you max hp to all of your heroes.

Was Bane wearing a panda suit?


Maybe your heroes were low on health and they had a DoT ailment on them?

Did one of the other heroes have burn or poison DOT?

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The opponents are Bane, Brienne, and Karil, all at level 50. The battle just started, and was 3 moves in. I only had minor damage on 2 of my 5 heroes, all 3* and also all level 50. As I said before, it was not an arrow attack, and even if it had been, 5 heroes would only have lost 25% of their health. Bane was the only one that attacked, and all 5 of my heroes went black from his attack. And they did not have any kind of ailments on them. Could this be a cheat program that this player is using? And to Elpis: no, I do not do drugs, but thanks for asking. It lets me know not to take any of your replies seriously!

Any chance to replicate this and take a video? Or screenshot of the enemy’s team just for confirmation? :slight_smile:

If that is truly the case you need to contact support about a bug.

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This is one of those “vids or no one can do anything about it” situations…or at least no one on this board. You could open a support ticket for a potential bug as well.

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There are only 2 possibilities:

  1. You did not see what you think you saw
  2. There is a bug

There is no way in the expected functionality of the game for Bane to kill multiple heroes with his special.

If I were you I’d chalk this up to ‘huh, that was weird’ and assume i must have missed something. But if you’re 100% sure, and you care enough to try to resolve, then opening a ticket is your only option.

(edit) I think it is HIGHLY unlikely that this is the result of some ‘cheat program’ It would be a lot of work to bump a specific hero’s attack and it would likely be crushed after a few reports like this one :wink:


In this case, no way.

This is a very wise decision :face_with_monocle:

I don’t know what kind of sorcery is at play here, but I want in…I need this Bane in my life !


I don’t know how to take a video of actual gameplay, but if you can explain how to do it, I will try to video the next battle when my flags refresh. I have included a screenshot of my opponents war defense, but I can’t give you a screenshot of my actual war attackers, since they all were killed in one hit, and I did not think to take a screenshot at that time. But I did set up my defense with the same heroes that were killed so that you can see who I was attacking with. I will try to submit a ticket to support for a bug issue, but without a video of this happening, they probably won’t believe that it actually happened, just as most of the people here on the forum do not believe it. But, I know what I saw, and it definitely happened!


Karil hits a target and does splash damage, I’d wager you saw banes special go off, blinked and karil killed your team after.

If you’re interested in taking video on your device I recommend going to the app store /play store and getting a screen capture app that does videos. Best of luck to ya.

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SGG support can check the logs…you need to log a support ticket. Hoping it happens again and posting a video won’t accomplish anything with respect to finding root cause or resolving.

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Best comment in a long time

Karil can do minor damage to nearby enemies, which means he can only hit at most 3 heroes. One with full power, and the other 2 with minor damage. And Bane can only hit one target. Yet all 5 of my party went black with Bane’s attack. If by some chance Karil had also played a role in their demise, then there would still be one hero breathing. I don’t think Karil’s minor damage can kill level 50 3* heroes unless they are close to dead already?

I’m pretty sure you must have missed the revenge bar. Your heroes could have been damaged and the arrows did the rest of the job.
There’s no chance the enemy heroes killed your team. Did you leave for a while during the battle? Maybe to open a window or check the baby? It happened to me, when I came back I was dead and didn’t know what happened.
The other option is you let the time expires (5min) and the battle was over, and the last thing that happened was that Bane’s attack

This is not a mystery. Bane can’t kill five heroes in one strike so either:

  1. You didn’t see what you thought you saw - perhaps you missed the arrows (seems likely given no one else has experienced this), or

  2. You did see what you thought you saw and you have found a bug (less likely but entirely possible).

I know I’m not the first to reach this conclusion. Just stating it again for the record.

If you trust your perception and recollection 100% then I think you might be foolish, but by all means go ahead and submit a support ticket. If you’re not absolutely certain of what you saw (and who ever can be?) then maybe chalk it up to experience but keep your eyes open for it happening again. Perhaps you could start recording future Bane encounters, just in case.

The only non bug situation I can think that makes this scenario possible is having Spirit Link active on your team and all 5 members extremely low on health. But from the info you provide this was not the case.
So I have to agree with other posts, either what happened is differet to what you think you saw or you were victim of a bug.
Hope the ticket gives you an answer!

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