How came jean-francois can miss?

He is NOT hitting. Another BS.

A little bit more information would be useful if you want a helpful answer.

Maybe blind?
Maybe the target resisted burn damage?
Without more information it’s just some wild guesses…


Reduced accuracy. You can’t miss if you not hit.

You can.
With reduced accuracy every part of the special skill that is offensive can miss, direct damage, stacks or statuselements. So yes Jf burn damage can miss.

Only the passive part, directed on the own heroes, of the Sf can’t miss. His protection against blue and defense down should be on all alies, same with healers for example they can’t miss


Yes you can. Just like Melandor’s dispel, if the defense has the dodge buff, or if he is afflicted with reduced accuracy, he can miss the dispel.

But absolutely illogical. If I not gonna slap your face how can I miss?

Question, if he isn’t targetting enemies, how is he applying the burn damage?

Regardless, the way the game is set-up, any special skill which affects the opposing team can “miss”, this includes damage, ailments and yes, even dispells.

Dodge (Inari, Margaret C-LJ special)