How bout adding a twist to pVp

Have different positions effect damage dealt vs damage received.

And then add heroes that shuffle their opponents positioning.

Hero Name: Roulette
Color Red and green
Special : Always bet on black

Shuffles enemies positioning: Debuff all enemies 40% weakness to red and green
Allies get xx% defense bonus against red and green

Define “shuffle enemies’ positioning”…?

Just shuffling them around would cause chaos to a well positioned team. It is a very interesting idea.

Pretty simple…say you have

albie Owl
azlar Magni

Move em all around at random…I guess it would be effective against albe teams due to his allies specials not firing off immediately if he’s to their right

Well yes and no. You have two teams. One is handled by the game’s AI. Yes, teams typically fire left to right (if they are all the same speed, say), but this is short circuited a bit by differing mana speeds; they are gonna fire when they fill.

I’d like to see this in action to see if it would have a minor or major effect…

what I meant by the albe teams.

IF you put albe in the right corner…any resurrected heroes that come back with full mana won’t fire until the next turn

Put albe on the left any heroes resurrected with full mana to his right fire

Either way laying out a team is a strategy…and this mechanic could be cool.

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