How Black Knight should work when paired with Aegir or Wilbur - Damage Share 1 damage?

Here is the thing…when I play with Black Knight and Aegir or Wilbur there is an issue that should never happen. This is the situation:

Black Knight Skill Activated —> As everybody knows he has taunt and 50% chance to reduce all incoming damage to 1.
Aegir or Wilbur activated —> All heroes alive receive spirit link…where damage receive by any heroe is redistributed equaly by all the heroes affected by spirit link.

So here is the problem. When an enemy heroe skill is activated, it will always hit first BK as his taunt is activated. So, if the damage is 1 and spirit link is activated, it will make 1 dmg to BK and also will hit all the rest of your heroes. But if the dmg is not 1…it will also hit BK and the rest of the heroes too.

This should never happen or I am missing something here. Logicaly anyone would think that if BK skill is activated and the damage received is reduced to 1, there will be no damage to your other heroes because BK reduced all incoming damage to 1.

I think my point is clear and I am sure that SG already knows about this. Anyway, here is the Idea to improve the game.

Thanks everyone and hope is clear. I am also sure that other players has experience the same and thinks this has to be change.

Good day to all.

Well there are 2 ways to think how Black Knight + Aegir / Wilbur should work, and depend on the order of effects of their skills

Lets start by having both flesh wound (BK) and spirit link (Wilbur/Aegir) active. An opponent attacks, only aiming BK because of the taunt. The damage for that attack is 1000HP

BK receives the attack, there are 2 possibilities

A- First, spirit link comes to play, so 1000HP gets distributed to 200HP for every hero. Then flesh wound comes to play, so the 200HP received by BK gets reduced to 1HP

B- First, flesh wound comes to play, so 1000HP gets reduced to 1HP. Then spirit links comes to play, so everyone gets 1HP damage.

I don’t know which one should be the correct one, but I’m pretty sure A- is the one coded in the game.

Hi, first off I’m going to move this to Bugs category as I’m not sure that it is a feature/idea request.

Found some posts about the same thing:

I was told by a moderator to put it here…


I’ve moved it back to #ideas-feature-requests as my understanding is that the point of this thread is to request a change to how it works, not to report it as a bug.


Quoting my post from the linked thread

I agree with Luiii. This is a feature request that the game work logically, that when BK gets 1, the rest of the team 1 each.

Imagine this scenario:

You’re locked in a tense battle where you cleverly time it so that BK taunts multiple incoming specials in a row, reduces them all to 1, yet the rest of your team is all dead anyways.

Makes little logical sense. But yes, working as intended.

With that being said, I’m done. It would be nice if it gets cleaned up, that is all. Thank you.

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Thanks my man. Also agree with everything you say. Is more logical in the way I am trying to explain but if SG thinks that this is how it should be, not much to do here. But honestly Ive always thoght this was a bug. I will just have to get use to it.

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