How big should my recruits houses be?

Do you know about banking recruits in training camps? Also, you can store finished feeder heroes in training camps. There are threads detailing both.

Houses past holding 100 recruits only for the gems.

If you hoard heroes in tc13 you will need to build houses with 140 recruits at least. It makes it easy to transfer all those hordes from tc13 to tc20

My rule of thumb is I need enough house space to not overflow when farming.

Divide your WE by 3, multiply by 11, and that’s how many recruit slots you need give or take to not waste them inattentively farming.

Quality of life.

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Grok, I see your tc13 to tc20 as a f2p tactic. If the player is pay2play, switching to a tc11 storage with tc19 as the production plant for feeder heroes should give better results.

Depends how much you pay2play, as to how useful TC13 and TC20 are.

I’m a low paying player, I have enough 4* heroes, but there are several good ones I still need (err, want). And I had stunning luck, and pulled Boldtusk as my first TC13 hero, and he is a great addition to my lineup! Still…playing the odds…the most useful thing for me about TC13 is using it as a food bank, which works well. The tiny odds of spitting out another useful 4* in the next month are hardly worth mentioning. Even the odds getting one of the specific 3*s that could up the special of a maxed 3*, or the ones I’m building/hoarding as extras for challenges are so-so odds.

I’ve got an alliance member who paid for a lot more summons than I did, and she now has one of all the regular 4*s, and for her it makes more sense to waste a bit of food not banking it than to burn 70 recruits. (Just realized she could use TC12 to bank food, at a lower recruit cost…good to know that TC12 is useful for something for somebody … sorta-kinda)

Still, even she hasn’t paid enough to have no use for TC20. She’s got some 5*s, but she still needs a red one and a better purple one for her dream team.

TC20 fits into many pay2play strategies quite well. At least if you aren’t in the $1000+ club.

And if you have a TC11 recruit bank, you can do the switch with a bit over 100 recruit storage, 'tho it might make the transition a bit more tedious if you have a lot queued up in TC13. Since it is only a one time event, I wouldn’t invest iron for housing 40 more recruits.

Staying under $1000 while building a usable roster is easy: the 5x200 gem, the 19.99 and 29.99 offers plus the two newer 1.99 and 2.99 offers (I know 10 loot tix are only for show its the 300 gems you want) brings you 6500 gems. That equals 5x 10xpulls every two months.

Elemental pulls if necessary, but event pulls work best. Your life in game becomes farm, raid, level.

@Bud, pretty much what I’ve done. Plus the spring specials were really good deals, cheap gems with ascension items; maybe they will have a summer special event? I wasn’t here, but the winter one sounded similar. 'Tho I’ll pass on today’s loot ticket deal; not good enough value for gems given that my personal value for loot tickets rounds down less than 1 gem equivalent…

My point was that playing at this level of investment still leaves me getting something sorta-kinda-almost useful out of TC13, and I’m really looking forward to TC20 in a month+ when I can run it.

First, the gems were 3 bux for 300 which is best prx store offers, but not asking 100 bux. Loot tix are lame, but gems…

Next, how many 4 & 5* you have? How long you been playing? Just to compare without mixing fruits.

I’ve been playing just over two months, but very actively. 5 5* heroes, 18 4* heroes, including spare Li Xiu and spare Chao; I ate the third Li, do pulled a total of 19 4* but have only 16 unique ones… (I admit to having very good pulls so far)

The early pulls are best because there are fewer to double/triple/more. At fourand a half months, my roster is seven 5*@2^60, Wu is 4^58 with 19 more 4s@3^60 and 11 more 4s that are dupes just sitting.

I did a dumb thing and researched my tc20 when the devs put AW on hiatus. Thought the ham I was saving to finish my last two 4* and increase my watchtower one level might be best used finishing that tc…screwed the pooch.

I had been using tc12 to bank ham and recruits. The tc11 eats the principal if you understand what I saw as it forcing me to take feeders every two hours vs two days. Then, when I want to ascend a hero, I draw down some of that savings to use in tc19 which is more expensive but quicker and _to the point _ not producing feeders in quantity until I choose.

Wow, that’s a surprise! I’ve got more ascended heroes already (one 5*, 3 4*, and as soon as I get another pair of gloves, I’ll do my 4th. I’m either having much better luck getting items or deciding that I want to ascend the heroes I have way sooner!

TC11 doesn’t eat principle when you bank recruits–it is the optimal way to spend your principle! It produces feeder heroes at by far the cheapest/most efficient rate, but slowly. Cheapest food per hero of any TC mode. Only TC19 matches it as far as recruits per hero, at far more food and all the other modes take more recruits.

Because it is slow, it ends up working well as a recruit bank.

Only downside is that it is slow, so I use more expensive modes like TC1 & TC2 as I get swords or backpacks, and will probably use TC19. (Currently at SH17, so can’t do it yet)

FYI, you can leave the feeders uncollected for later. You can also add/subtract from the queue without collecting any if you tap on the TC, not the new hero thingie.

You can bank food in TC12, TC13, or TC20. (Along with recruits, want to do so or not!) They do burn your principal; comparing them all run for two days:

TC11: 24k food, 48 recruits, 24 1~2* feeders
TC12: 164k food, 45 recruits, 1 3* feeder
TC13: 265k food, 70 recruits, 1 3* feeder (poor chance of 4*)
TC20: 297k food, 100 recruits, 1 3* feeder (decent chance of 4*, small chance of 5*)

TC12 683% more food, 6% less recruits, and generates 420% less feeding XP, compared to TC11!
It is obviously far cheaper to run than TC13 or TC20, if you consider the output of all of them to be feeders, instead of heroes you want to level up.

Right now, I run TC13, TC11, and TC 1/2/11 (swords or backpacks if I have 'em)

In a month or two when I have TC20 running, I’ll be doing:

  1. TC11 – Recruit bank. (Maybe banking finished heroes eventually)
  2. TC20 – hoping for good 4* & 5* heroes, and food bank.

If I have plenty of heroes I want to level, the other two will be:
3. Second TC11
4. TC1/2/19/11 (swords, backpacks, or rugged clothes as available)
(If I’ve built up a lot, maybe one at TC2, and one at TC1/1)

OTOH, if I have nobody I care to level once I get them leveled up, I’d do this until I pull somebody I want to level:
3. Second TC20
4. Third TC20
(Or maybe leave a second TC11, but just watch your swords, backpacks, and rugged clothes build up for later, either way)

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On the way out for groceries. Have not read all, but my point was I do not want feeders until I am ready. I am using 12 because the recruits are being banked.

You can do that with TC11, by not collecting the finished heroes it generates.

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Getting old - me that is.

Should have said saving food. I have about 21 million hams in tc12.

Everything you have said is correct and good advice; however, I think it is about the flexibility for me. There is, also, the innate surety/fear I will screw up collecting heroes somehow. A/D/D and age lol.

I do/am using tc11 to balance my food and recruits outside of tc12. And I always use the tc11 function in tc20 when cell off for night. That means 3heroes from tc4 plus 4 more from each of the higher camps.

BWH, just to show I’m not completely hardheaded, I am using a good bit of what you and Gryphonknight espouse.

Finished maxing Wu, and saw tweaks. I will be better/quicker next hero up.


just keep your hero inventory almost full (10-20 empty slots). After 10 days there will be 120 heroes ready. Even if you accidentally collect, you will only fill empty slots and the rest will remain in tc11 for later collection. This way you can prepare 360 feeders a month an power level some hero when needed. You can also move this tc somewhere in the corner…

I only did the neccessary leveling to houses too. But it made the shifting around a bit of a hassle, especially if you have multiple tc 20’s running. Now that I can house around 240 recruits this is much easier.
Still, not really a priority, but when you are maxing out your base, you might consider doing your houses before second and third forge.

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First thing I did was move it to thar spot top left of stronghold.


Forgive my newbiness, but what is WE? I just started a few days ago. Is that World Energy?

Thank you :blush:

Yup it is world energy :slight_smile:


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