How best to **Do** Alliance Recruitment

My current alliance needs a few more members. What is the best way to recruit? Our leader periodically posts an “advertisement” in this category and it occasionally bears fruit – it’s how I found them. Is there another way to get new blood?

Also, what are the components of a good recruitment post? I would imagine they are:

  1. Trophy requirement, etc.
  2. Titan level
  3. War strategy (tank coordination, timed or tiered attacks, etc.)
  4. Language preferences
  5. Whether a non-app communication stream is used (e.g., Line, Discord, etc.)

Most posts also include things that rarely vary from one post to the next:

  • We’re fun people
  • You need to communicate if you’re going to miss a titan
  • We’re supportive and will help junior players learn

And there are some policy disclaimers that are usually included, too:

  1. Whether war is optional, or not
  2. Not using war flags is a no-no
  3. Missing a titian is a no-no
  4. Consequences of too many no-nos

What else?
Some folks include creative art. Does that help?

In any case, Order of Gaia is recruiting.
We are an international alliance with members who speak English, German, Dutch, and Spanish.
We currently are fighting 6* titans.
We do not have a war strategy.
We strongly encourage daily activity and titan hits. War is optional, but one is encouraged to use all one’s flags if one opts into war.
We do not have Line, Discord, etc.
Our leader is @ARQ.

My pervious alliance was quite competitive and significantly larger. Every day (seemingly) at lease one person would join and leave in the space fo a few minutes. The theory is that they were shopping for a specific titan level. Does that jive with everyone else’s thinking?

Please respond if you have tips for recruiting or if you’re interested in joining Order of Gaia.

Disclaimer: I searched for a similar post re tips for recruiting, but came up empty. Apologies if this has already been answered in another thread.

I have seen other threads asking for recruitment suggestions, but can’t think what the thread titles were - I too tried to search on vain. Rest assured, I’m not applying but have some suggestions.

Word of mouth has been effective as we have members who’ve travelled the E&P globe with a wide circle of acquaintances / friends. A forum ad in alliance recruitment has been better than wading through AR on Global Chat.

Including a screen shot of your alliance page would help too. Correct spelling to find your alliance is essential :wink:

I’d suggest daily bumping the forum ad to keep it current and continue to get it noticed as well. Sometimes we’re inundated with applicants for one spot, other times it’s slower.

There are Recruitment groups on Line / Discord, but as you don’t have either :woman_shrugging:.

Nevertheless GL :smile:


By forum ad do you mean a post in the Category Alliance Recruitment?

what is “AR on Global Chat”? Do you mean Alliance >> Alliances >> Search in the game itself?

Thank you, so much, for your responses.

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Yes. Which is where this post is :wink:

Alliance Recruitment (AR) on Global Chat


Thanks! I had forgotten about the Global Chat! It’s a little overwhelming. Thank you for the reminder.

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You’re most welcome :smile:

Posting funny and/or weird/mad things into your recruitment thread will gain more attention than the usual…

“we are fun but competitive, hitting 10*/11* titans, war is optional, but if use all flags”

Imo that is mandatory for every alliance containing more than 10 active members.

Weird videos or fun facts and some individual stuff that characterizes your ally will possibly bring more members than normal blah blah.


Great advice. Thx. X20

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Omg, playing almost 3 year, I never know Global has alliance recruitment room !
I think global chat only, that make u becomes fast reader with raining text every second.
Thank u @Sarah2.
Sorry Oot.
I also find forum give better results than other source, the member who applied from forum mostly active and good player . But thanks for this thread, Im also try to make my advertising better.


It does catch some people’s eye. I use a little creative art and a little truthful story telling, and some members have mentioned the ads as the reason they contacted us. Not all of them, but it makes some folks stop to look twice. Along the lines of what @Olmor said above, anything to help you stand out from the crowd.

But all in all, it sounds like you have the gist of it. Being open to group mergers helps too, there seem to be quite a few small groups stuck in a zombie alliance who want to move together as a group, but hit a wall for one reason or another (not enough room, not everyone can meet the new requirements, etc). If you have the space and inclination, advertising that you’re open to groups/mergers can help fill up fast.

Besides Global Chat AR, there are also Line/Discord groups for recruitment, and a weekly recruitment thread at the E&P subreddit. Maybe Facebook too, I don’t know (don’t use FB). Your best resource though is going to be patience. It’s a marathon, not a sprint lol (we’ve all heard that one before, right?). It takes time and never really ends, but it’s kinda fun and mixes up your routine a bit - hey that sounds a little familar too :thinking: :laughing:

Just as an aside:
Not sure if this describes your crew or not (kinda sounds like it might), but there’s a healthy market for “active casual” alliances. A lot of people want to play but don’t want to feel over-burdened by it, but also don’t want to get stuck with a bunch of deadbeats. If you guys fit that mold, it might be something to emphasize. We enjoy that playstyle and have done pretty well recruiting with it.

Good luck in all your efforts :+1:


@Disposable, great advice. One more thing about this game that requires patience, alas. :slight_smile:

We are “active-casual” so that will go in the ad.

I’m not great with artwork, but I’ll see whether my alliance members can help with that. Thx again.

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@Sarah2, when you said “wading through AR on Global Chat,” I thought you meant as someone looking for an alliance. Now that I’ve posted there, oh man it’s tough. I have to read every message to see whether it’s a response to mine. Now I know what you really meant! Thx for the warning.


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Thanks, @Awesome_sauce. Your post will likely get more attention if you make a new post rather than commenting on this one.

Good luck with your recruiting.

Just my opinion, different types of people are attracted to different types of ads. Include unique things to get it noticed, maybe colors/emojis, a hook line. In excess doesn’t mean better, i.e. overload colors and emojis and your ad will be just like the others that overload.

The longer the ad, the less likely it will be looked at if chat is scrolling quickly (in-game).

If I was looking?
-How advanced do I need to be? Answered with one of either trophies, team power, or number of ascended heroes.
-What is the titan level?
-How is war conducted? The strategy level.
-Does this alliance fit my activity level? Do they mention active, kick, relaxed, communicate absences, etc.
-Will it fit my personality? Words like chatty, quiet, vulgar, nice, team player, crazy, etc.

So, tailor your ad to attract the type of people you’re looking for, shorter is better, and good luck.


I’ve recruited from the FB group page a few times, people post there when they are looking for a new alliance.

For the most part I lurk the Global Alliance Recruitment chat, colourful text in posting is helpful but it’s basically trying to win the battle of spam wars of people looking for new members and titan mercs. A lot of times showing some personality while posting in global can go a long way to drawing people in but as always the quality of player is not always reflected in the quality of their defense team and you can get some real gems or lumps of coal out there.
Recruiting is hard yo.

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Thanks, @Freakangel. I’ll have to learn how to make colorful text (I assume you mean literally colorful).

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I’ve gotten the majority of our recruits in AR. You need to lurk before doing anything, get used to flow and peps, got regulars and spammers. DON’T SPAM, I’ll report you. Search forum for colors.

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I have been playing for 3 months. And I have no idea what is global chat. All I see in game is alliance chat. Please someone enlighten me about it.

To access Global /Alliance chat @Abhi

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