How bad is this?

These my only 5* heroes (and another Khagan at 1^01) I have 6 rings, 5 darts and 12 scopes. That defence can work with 4 slow heroes? You have idea how build anothe team with them? Or better keep my 2 5* 3 4* defense and still at 2250-2500 cups?

I wouldn’t have isarnia as tank. She’s not levelled enough. Do you have any blue 4* maxed? Kiril? Boril?

Elena shouldn’t be in there either. Max 4* red instead.

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His question was more about future teams. He currently uses three 4* on defense. I would ascend Isarnia and Joon for sure. Elena I would not ascend since you already have a red slow 5*

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I didn’t anything about the future from his post myself. But I could be wrong.

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His last sentence. 20

Looks like he’s asking about now to me. not the future.

Well then I‘m reading between the lines way differently than you do^^ -> Asking if he should ascend so many slow 5* to build a strong defense team with them or keep defteam with 4*.

I gave my feedback anyways - and I will see if he maybe replies more detailed.

Edit: changing a 2/60 for a maxed 4* didn‘t even come to my mind. I hope that‘s not what he is asking😄

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You’re probably right. lol

I have Kiril as my tank now and maxed Boril.
And Im asking about future team whem my 5* gets 4^80

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