How bad is the situation in USA? [Ref: Protests & Riots 2020]

The propose of my thread is only informative so id like to avoid sensible topics that could bring caos in this thread. If you want to say your opinion say it but with respect.
I want to know from first hand if the situation is such as bad as social media in my country tell us and in some grade to know how are you that live in Washington DC, New york.

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My opinion: stealing is bad, killing is worse and two wrongs don’t make a right.


In certain places and times (I.e. after curfew), yes it is bad. Reasonable, lawful adults wouldn’t know firsthand because they respect orders and are not where they shouldn’t be and doing what they shouldn’t be doing.


Outside of large densely populated areas in particularly areas with larger black population, I’m not being racist here it is just that it’s their community that was wronged more, but this pituculer behavior by law enforcement is wrong for all, but since the black communitie is targeted at a higher percentage they are rightfully more upset, but if you live in a very white suburban area with less blacks there’s very little of riots and looting, mind you those who are doing those things are a minority of the protesters, giving a bad optic to a important subject that needs to be addressed, and just serves to feed racist people beliefs unfrontently. So most of the US isn’t in bad shape it is more isolated but ofcourse is blown up by the media and not enough focus on the real issue, which is common flaw, like when you have a mass shooting like Columbine, they want to talk about the weapons used, and not the reason why they did it and try to fix that, we need to make our law enforcement agencies more accountable, not let them say it is just a few bad apples, because if you ignore these bad apples you are also culpable in any action done by those bad apples. So I am hoping we don’t let these dopes that are looting and rioting distract us from the real problem
BTW yes there are good cops but for me there job is an necessary evil and even though I am a white man and can’t truly understand what a black person has to deal with, I still don’t trust or give respect to a law enforcement agent just because they have a badge, they like every other person needs to earn my trust and respect.


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A large number of my alliance colleagues are from various cities in the USA.
I asked them the same question.
Their reply was - yes The situation is as bad as people are Seeing it in the media. They told me that in the main it’s peaceful protest. However, like in many situations a bad crowd hijack a protest for their own criminal agenda. And nothing to do with the man that was murdered. And one bad policeman doesn’t mean that they are all bad.
My view is that we all need to respect diversity. And my view is that every life matters. We all have to learn to live together and respect one another.
No one is born with hatred in their heart, hate is something that is learnt from others


@JonahTheBard thank-you for allowing this on a temporary basis.

As @Drob said, the violence is mainly in the higher populated cities at this time. The news will make it appear as though the entire country is burning to the ground :confounded: Although the sentiment and solidarity may be there throughout the country, the violence is not everywhere.

I am concerned that there is a heightened sense of caution amongst the police, though. Even in this little area of Arkansas that I live in. For example, my daughter was with her boyfriend this weekend when he got pulled over for speeding. He was driving her car and was not used to how to put it onto park. When the car started to roll slightly, she said the cop got ready to draw his gun.

I know most of the police in this area (Hubby is one) and they aren’t typically reactionary like that. But I think we’ve seen recently that it only takes one bad apple - or one scared one - to start the world burning :cry: I am concerned for the safety of those trying to peacefully protest as well as for the police that are honestly trying to do their job.


It is no surprise at all to me. There is a pot of tensions in this country that has been slowly boiling for years. Combination of COVID lockdowns and record levels of economic instability was already a powder keg. Then someone comes along and throws a match - err, well probably more like a giant flaming torch - on top of it all. :man_facepalming:

This situation was, unfortunately, most likely inevitable.

I support peaceful protests. I’ve known many people who have gone to protest causes that they believe in - both liberals and conservatives, protesting when they believe that their rights are being violated. Every person should have the absolute right to peacefully protest.

I do not support violence, rioting, looting, arson, vandalism, etc.

I support police officers who do their job peacefully and respectfully, only using force when necessary to protect their own lives or the lives of others. I’ve known, and dealt with, a lot of police officers. Most of them are good, stand-up guys and gals. Some… not so much. Overall, I think the majority of the ones I’ve known would never intentionally harm or target someone, or otherwise abuse their position of authority. But have I known some who were racist? Absolutely. Have I known some who got some sort of sick enjoyment out of being especially aggressive when taking people into custody? Yep. Have I known some who abused their badge so that they could break the law themselves with impunity? Yes.

I do not support police officers who abuse their status to harm, kill, or otherwise suppress / harass / violate the rights of citizens who do not pose an immediate threat. Their job is to detain suspected criminals, as nonviolently as possible, until said suspects are given the opportunity to defend themselves in a court of law. Neither they - nor civilians acting as self-appointed vigilantes - have the right to act as judge, jury, and executioner.

I also do not support governments using police and military force to suppress peaceful protests.

I do live on the outskirts of a large city that has had protests, mostly peaceful but also some vandalism as well. I will not be venturing into the heart of the city anytime soon. I wish for a peaceful resolution for all sides, I hope that no more people get hurt, I hope that nothing else gets looted or vandalized, I hope that I don’t end up living in a militant police state.

The best thing I personally can do to “help” the current situation is the same thing that I can do to help stop the spread of COVID. Just stay home and don’t get involved. There’s enough chaos already. Adding more people to the mix will not help either message get across. In my younger years, I would have probably been out there, being vocal… but these days, I am too old for that ■■■■.


That happens when guns are a normal thing and the police has to expect one in almost every pocket.


A player on one of my alliances lives in New York. He says there is a FB post staring there will be a “protest” just two blocks from his home this evening. The disturbing part is the attached banner stating …

What’s theirs is ours


More weapons more crime.
Break the vicious cycle.

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This has nothing to do with the issue at hand and it causes more trouble than finding a solution. I hope your alliance mate keeps safe.


The looting doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m guessing most of that is coming from either opportunists or violent agitators who do not care at all about the issue.

“What’s theirs is ours”? You’re mad at the police, so you loot some random business that had nothing to do with the issue? That makes zero sense at all.


Unfortunately I don’t think most police forces spend enough resources on training. I just read an excellent article (I’ll try to find it), from an Iraq vet who is alarmed at what he’s seeing. Police facing the same frightening scenarios as soldiers in war- without the adequate support structure and training to handle it.


I think the rioters and the looters need to be called criminals. They aren’t protesting, they are taking advantage of an extreme situation.


They absolutely are criminals. I lived in S. California during the Los Angeles riots, just a few miles south of where some of them were taking place. None of the looters were there to support Rodney King. They were only there to get themselves some “free stuff”. Totally distracts from the message, they’re just using the cause and the peaceful protesters as a distraction for their own personal gain. Hope every one of them (the looters and vandals, not the peaceful protesters) get caught on camera and end up serving jail time.


It is crazy here in Chicago, but as others have said it is not the protesters that are doing the damage but a very small percentage of the population that is using the distraction of the protests to benefit themselves in a selfish manner. Unfortunately it is the small business owners, already in dire straits from COVID-19 that are paying the price for this selfishness. It is also detrimental to the protests because people are getting upset at the amount of damage being caused by that small group of horrible human beings that have no respect for anyone but themselves.


@JonahTheBard thank you for allowing this thread. It was the “elephant in the room”. How can we avoid thinking about our American friends and teammates during this crisis. Just like the covid 10 pandemic, it’s very helpful for us to have a mature, respectful discussion and a place to show our support.

I’m sure we’ll all be very quick to flag posters who go outside the guidelines with less constructive comments.


I clarified the title to ensure a clear direction for this topic in relation to the current United States climate/situation. Mods or OP can change it back if I overstepped.

I’m a person of color (POC) living in greater Houston area (the city where George Floyd was born, raised and will be interred early next week) and I can state that so far there have been a majority of peaceful protests in our areas. Granted we have a critical week ahead of us until the final resting of Mr. Floyd in Houston. But I’m praying the goodness of standing for justice outweighs the ill intents of those seeking anarchy and destruction of cities, property and God forbid more people.

Concerning the discussion on cops, I’m not black or African-American and I can say without a shred of doubt that in any of the rare times I’ve been pulled over, I have feared if I was going to die in the interaction. The thought may have been a fleeting after thought in the back of my mind but it exists and it exists because of the color of skin. As a non Black minority I’ll be honest I haven’t been a good advocate for this cause, but as long as one still breathes, one can have a chance to help be a cause for change. I hope to do something to support peaceful protests in this city as well as protect fellow business owners. We’ve bought extra wood to help board up our neighbors locations near our restaurants hoping in the worst case that it deters any of the criminals who want to burn a city down for the hell of it.

I don’t know…I have a lot of thoughts, conflict and turmoil running through my head.
May delete this post if I don’t feel it articulated my thoughts properly and/or does not facilitate positive discussion.


The 2nd Amendment discussion may be going slightly off-topic. Yes, I understand the rioters and looters may have guns but they are also carrying baseball bats.

Perhaps we should try to avoid what could become a volatile discussion that could get this thread shut down, we can try and stick to the OP and offer more support to our American friends going through a very stressful time.


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