How attack boost effect on minions especially about Krampus?

Hi guys, can anybody tell me how attack boost effects on minion attack? Logically it should fires before minions be summoned, minions inherits attack from caster so when it increases the minion attacks go up right? What about Krampus? He summons minions and increase attack? Which one happened first?
And about health does hero who boost health like Hemidall effects on minion health too? For example if Hemidall fires the a hero fires and summon minions, do minions have double health? Thanks

I believe minions gain the atk and health stat of the hero after troops are applied, so buffs don’t increase the stats they inherent from the summoner.


Just troop effects on them?
What is the order of that? You mentioned something I never pay attention

Minion does not gain from attack buff, but it is applied on target defense buff or debuff.
Here is interesting what minion can do in damage calculation thread:


Ty so much
What is that mean * All Minions attack with the colour of the hero that they are “attached” to, their owner, and they get the colour bonus as if it would be a tile attack

Blue hit against red enemy does double damage. Blue hit against green enemy does half damage. A minion attached to a blue hero is considered as a blue attack. Etc etc

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