How are Hero New Talents working for you?

I have Khiona level 1 and she seems to dodge a lot, very cool.
Sabina I have to level 2 but have not seen her talent go off yet.
Wondering what others have seen so far

I have Colen with just the first point, but in a couple of raids, he has revived after being killed, and it has happened to work out that I was able to pop a heal or two on him and basically have him back and functioning normally.

I don’t expect it works as well on defense, but for offense it is pretty slick. :slight_smile: On defense, I imagine he pops back up at the end of the turn, but since he only has 1hp, he can be put right back down again. Just a minor inconvenience to the attacker, I would think… unless I’m mistaken about the timing of his recovery.

Stack blue with Grimm and his wound effect is, like, 60 HP per round in extra damage. It’s pretty sweet. Using it all the time now.

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Melendor combined with Wilbur effect. Free minions. It triggers quite often to be fair.
I never sawb iburtus talent in action, because maybe i dispell everything. But yeah, seems efficient against guenievre Tank, it should stack with other purples.

No Idea. I wait until I got 65 to use them on a 5*


Layla and Shaarkot both talented at 9 are doing well. Need to get more emblems now and just wish I could find out how to improve the skills for Bane and Greymane! Any suggestions?

Delilah at 80+1 has already come in handy during a raid. I haven’t seen all that many other talents trigger.

Ares +1… 3% are 3% but it´s working very good. Helped me couple of times on raids / war. Defence improvement which will be very needed when Zeline +1 or Isarnia +1 will fire after Ares fires…

Im working on it for my ares. But i dont get much paladin emblems, it should .be good next class mission featuring paladin class. Ares will be even even more tanky.

I got very lucky with elemental chest… got me 30 paladin emblems… by the other classes i am around 40 - 50 emblems…

Btw. Still not sure who should get my wizard emblems… Isarnia or Sartana… Isarnia is target right know… she would be targered even more, if she would have +1… leaning towards Sartana but still not completely sure…


To get bane and others up, they must first be max level AND max special skill

Rigard is on stage 2, he has mana shield. Was pretty cool when he had full mana against a Guin tank and he resisted the mana reduction so he could cleanse the Gravemaker DOT lol I was pretty happy with that. It’s also nice when Scarlett dodges special attacks, that makes me happy.

Gma, you are obviously free to do with them what you want, but as a guy who has been grinding this game for a year and a half +, my advice would be to not waste emblems on 2 or 3 stars. Even if you are f2p, you will be getting 4 stars sooner than you realize and you’ll want all the emblems you can get for them.


Grimm lvl3 goes off all the time tho the damage isnt much. Only seen melandor go off once. Boldtusk has never gone off. Cant really tell if buddys has or not. Same with rigard.
My approach is to use emblems now and reset them when i get my 5s lvled. The reset hit is minimal and i at leadt get use out of them. Exceptions are khiona and joon who are getting close to 80. Sadly, i dont really have useable wizard or sorcerer so no sense putting on 3 imo.

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