How about war point?

let me ask some question.

IMG_20200920_122442 is the total score of each team in the war fair? My team is only 4077 with a total score of 114 (76 + 38), while the opponent with a power of 4338, has a total score of 114 (76 + 38) how this happens? Here I send the screenshot.

Kill points aren’t linked to Team Power. It is instead linked to the total HP of the defence team in relation to the total HP of the entire alliance (including troop modifiers).

So basically the calculation is:
Victory Points (not bonus) = 1000 / ([Team HP] / [Alliance HP])

Then the “bonus points” are half the Victory Points.

In your example/ screenshots, as the two defence teams are not on the same team, their relative Health Points means nothing. And relative Team Power doesn’t mean anything anyway.

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It’s so hard to get poin,while we meet strong tim

Not really, no. If you kill everyone in the enemy Alliance, you should get around 1500 points, and vice versa. So, if everyone dies, and both Alliances flip, both sides will get around 1500 points.

This is “fair”, in the sense that both teams can give up 1500 points per flip, and if you can’t flip them, smaller teams are not worth as much as bigger teams. This system keeps alliances from “cheating” by using a weak defending team to try to limit points.

Thanks for your info and explanation

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